Day 1: Favorite Song

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30 days about meI think they are trying to play a joke on me with this prompt…or since I am hosting it this round would that be me trying to play a joke on myself LOL.  Picking one favorite song for me would be torture since it can change daily or even hourly LOL.  Since I like to stand out in a crowd occasionally I am going to play by my own rules and share some of my favorite songs rather than just one.  And I am going to do it by era…

1950’s (Let me go ahead and say that 50’s is one of my favorite era’s)

  • Splish Splash
  • Johnny B. Goode
  • Lollipop
  • Tears On My Pillow (always think of Grease when I hear this)
  • Rockin’ Robin
  • All I Have To Do Is Dream
  • Little Darlin’
  • Come Go With Me
  • Heartbreak Hotel (and let’s go ahead and say every Elvis song ever to make it simple)
  • Earth Angel
  • Respect
  • I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  • (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
  • My Girl (I remember my grandmother singing this to me so it’s a warm fuzzy feeling kind of song LOL)
  • Soul Man (tell me it doesn’t make you think of Dirty Dancing or even better Patrick Swayze and I say you are lying)
  • Oh, Pretty Woman
  • California Girls
  • Brown Eyed Girl
  • A Natural Woman
  • Wipe Out
  • My Boyfriend’s Back
  • Hotel California
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Free Bird
  • I Will Survive
  • Dream On (and pretty much every other Aerosmith song there is from here on out)
  • We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions
  • YMCA
  • Wonderful Tonight (which btw was the theme of my senior prom)
  • Margaritaville (all all things Jimmy Buffet)
  • I can’t even go there because 80’s is absolutely by far my favorite era.  Prince, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Poison, Madonna, Guns N Roses, Joan Jett & The Black Hearts, Pat Benitar, The Bangles, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston, Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson, George Michael, Def Leppard, Journey, oh my gosh I could go on and on so just know pretty much all things 80’s (minus the heavy metal) I pretty much loved.
  • Rounding out my my top 3 along with the 50’s and 80’s this is the other era I loved!  So just go to this site and you can pretty much see all the songs I loved.  Loved NKOTB (early 90’s), ‘N Sync, BSB, Britney and all the teeny bopper stuff LOL.
2000’s until now:
  • Ms. Jackson
  • Fallen
  • Survivor
  • Dilemma
  • Hey Ya!
  • Crazy In Love
  • Yeah!
  • Check On It
  • Word of God Speak
  • I Can Only Imagine
  • Cry Out To Jesus
  • How Great Is Our God
  • Walk By Faith
  • Before The Morning
  • Blessing
  • Beautiful, Beautiful
  • Stronger (by Mandisa)
  • I Will Not Be Moved
  • The Real Me
  • What Love Really Means
  • Lead Me
  • I could go on, I have really taken up to listening to contemporary christian more often than anything else, it always keeps me uplifted and encouraged.  And that being said I will leave you with a video of one of my current favorite christian artists Francesca Battisteli’s Beautiful, Beautiful:

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  1. 1

    Great list! Many are on my list of favorites too. I had a hard time choosing just one!

    • 2

      And now you know why I couldn’t I had too hard of a time narrowing it down to this and left hundreds off LOL.

  2. 3

    Choosing just one song would be torture! This is a great list!

  3. 5

    awesome list! Those 60’s songs rock my world :) x

  4. 7

    Great list! The oldies bring back memories with my parents, singing and dancing after dinner to my dads favorite songs!

  5. 9

    What a great song choice. I love that one too!!!
    And I love the list through the ages… we like a lot of the same songs

  6. 11

    now that’s a list! you really did your homework :) it would be easier for me to name the songs i don’t like, ha ha. thanks for creating this 30 day thing. Martha mentioned it and i loved the idea.

  7. 13

    I couldn’t pick a song either Toni, so I used tomorrow’s prompt to narrow my fave songs down to two. :) Yay. This is so fun!

  8. 15

    I love how you did this list! If I end up doing this for me in September I see a similar type list for me :) You are making me happy that I made it about my kids because of their birthday month!

    Thank you for hosting a fun way for me to get back to blogging :)

    • 16

      I bet your kids love that too…well if they are old enough to understand :) I love that you are doing it that way. So fun!

      • 17

        They will be 4 August 10th :) I am trying to stay a little ahead of the game and I have been writing and setting for publishing a few posts, I have been interviewing them those posts will be the best :)

  9. 18

    80’s music rocks! I too have fav’s from every decade! You have some really great lists going there!

  10. 19

    I’m glad you had a hard time picking a song too because I also struggled. :-)

  11. 20

    Wow, tons of songs! I went to songs from right now and narrowed it down to 2. Glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t pick just one!

  12. 21

    This sounds like fun… here I go with day 1!

  13. 22

    I used Beautiful, Beautiful as the background to a video I put together for our family’s adventures in 2010. LOVE that song.

    • 23

      ACK! Even though I paid for the song, YouTube disabled it. Oh well – I have the original on my hard drive :-)

  14. 24
    Farrah from Notes from Two Sisters :

    Great selection over the years!

  15. 25
    Stolimartinimom :

    Fun but tough question. I could ramble on and on about all the songs I like. Fun to see everyone else’s responses!

  16. 26

    What a great list! I’m with you, I can’t limit it to just one, either. thanks for leading this challenge :)

  17. 27

    I also LOVE 50’s music, I get a kick out of it always playing at Chick-fil-a :)

  18. 28

    I love to see what everyone loves even if I am starting this challenge late. I will catch up today I posted my favorite song by Steve Green, ck it out at

  19. 29

    “RESPECT” is one of my favorites, too! And also – “I Want It That Way”, too! Gets me every time! :) :)

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