Capture Those Memories Without the Mess of Tapes: JVC Everio Review & Giveaway

Summer sports, vacations, BlogHer…so many things going on this summer season. Lots of memories to have and treasure forever. JVC’s Everio GZ-MG680 is the perfect companion to capture all those memories with.

As a mom of children, I am always wanting to make sure to capture that next game or that trip to the park. I do however hate messing with tapes and JVC has given me the answer I was looking for.

The Everio GZ-MG680 is a hard disk camcorder, that has a 120GB internal memory with up to 150 hours of recording time. It has plenty of space to hold all the memories without having the hassle of tapes. I for one hate having to spend the money to buy tapes and if I don’t I have to clear the tapes just so I can record that next memory. Not quite what I want. With this hard disk camcorder you can also send the video you record straight to a DVD burner and have your DVD in just a few minutes, or upload to your PC right away.

Let me tell you about some of the features of the Everio GZ-MG680:

-It has a 40x Dynamic Zoom Lens, Konica Minolta 35x optical Lens and 800x digital so you are sure to be able to capture that perfect play no matter where in the stands you are sitting.
-With 120 GB Internal Hard Disk Drive it holds as much as my MacBook does…that says something right there.
Micro SD card slot so you can add even more storage to the already large hard disk.
-Up to 9999 digital stills at the highest quality!
New Laser Touch Operation so it’s as simple as sliding your finger or barely touching the button in the functions.
Auto Power ON/Off & Auto Lens Cover, which is a big thing for me, because with past camcorders I always forget to close the lens, no more of that for me.
Remote Control so you can record yourself from a distance or so you can control the playback when reviewing your movies.
Multi-Language รขโ‚ฌโ€œ English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean.
-One touch export(Windows), one touch upload to YouTube (windows), import to iTunes or iMovie option.
*Please note the software that comes with it is not compatible with Mac’s however the upload process works fine with a Mac as that is what I have, you just upload to your iMovie.

Here is a little 4 minute video so you can see the difference in the qualities. I would like to say before you watch, that when this is played on my PC or my TV the quality is near perfect no matter which you use, the difference is the detail in each quality. The uploaded video is nowhere near the quality that is seen on my PC or TV but I wanted to give you an idea somewhat of the difference:

JVC Video Review from Toni Patton on Vimeo.

Recording times are as follows:
~Economy has 150 hours recording time. It is the least of all the qualities available, however it still has a decent quality of video.
~ Normal had 56 hours 20 minutes of record time. It is the step up from Economy.
~ Fine has 42 hours and 40 minutes of record time. It is in second place as far as quality is concerned.
~ Ultra fine has the least amout of record time and the best quality. However at 28 hours and 40 minutes there is still a ton of time to record those memories with.

The Everio GZ-MG680 has so many features that I feel like I can’t get them all into one post but I do have a few more things I want to share about it. One of the things that I really loved was being able to take a snapshot while in the middle of recording a video. Simply hold down the snapshot button halfway while recording to snap a photo. A video with a camera that will snap shots while recording…GENIUS. You can also switch to just camera mode to snap up to 9999 pictures. You can also set the timer so you can take family photos with the camera setting.

Back to the video setting, two last features I want to point out are the wind cut and the register event features. With the wind cut (which I did not use in the above video) you can turn it on and it will help to “mask” the wind in your video. Nothing is more annoying than getting the perfect clip outside of your kids singing and then when you go back to watch all you hear is wind. Props to JVC for making this less of a problem. The register event setting basically puts your events into categories such as vacation, sports, holiday, son, daughter so each video clip you record can be recorded under the appropriate event if you like.

The Everio GZ-MG680 truly is an all in one, the only thing you will need from here on out, camcorder/camera for your next trip or event. Sleek and small this is the perfect item to have as part of your family. Don’t forget to check out JVCAmeria’s YouTube Channel if you are untechnical like me it gives you video tutorials on how to use this camcorder.


JVC has offered to giveaway an Everio GZ-MG680 (valued at $549.95) just like the one I reviewed. Can you honestly say that you would not be thrilled with one of these for your travel, holidays and any memory to come? I thought not. Okay okay I am moving on to tell you how you can win.

To win your own Everio GZ-MG680 I want you to tell me what you will use the camcorder for this summer? Any trips, sports, babies coming into the world. What do you need this for this summer?
That is the required entry and must be done for any extra entry to count, not too hard right :)!

For extra entries you can (THESE ARE ENTIRELY OPTIONAL BELOW):
~ Blog about this contest with a link back to this post and leave your post link in the comments.
~ Tweet about this contest daily and leave the tweet url in your comment.
~ Follow my blog through a reader or through blogger.
~ Add my button to your sidebar.
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~ Do a plea on video begging me to pick you LOL (5 extra entries for this, leave a separate comment for each entry on this one) and leave the link. This is purely for my humor *evil laugh*

Okay now that should be interesting and quite a few ways to get lots of entries. Please be sure to leave a separate comment for EACH entry you do so you don’t cheat yourself. And be sure to do the required entry first or the extra entries don’t count. Also, please make sure to leave your email in your comment if you do not have a blog that has your email link in it.

Contest will close on June 16, 2009 at Noon CST and announced on my daughters 4th birthday (6/17). Open to US residents only due to shipping. Good Luck and get your enter on ๐Ÿ™‚

*Please note the link to the camcorder takes you to the page of the item I am giving away, it says it is a 60GB 75 hour, but it is not, it is the 120GB up to 150 hours version.

*Please be sure to understand the optional entries are just that….optional..those do not have to be done, the only thing that has to be done is to tell me what you are looking forward to capturing on video. Registered & Protected

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    Erica Wyatt :

    I would love to video my kids and the funny things they are saying these days. Love it!

  2. 2
    Erica Wyatt :

    I follow by google reader.

  3. 3

    We have a vacation to Sesame Place coming up shortly, and the beach later this year. Plus their grandparents from another country will be visiting this fall, and would love to take videos

  4. 4

    We will be traveling from Iowa to The Coast Of North Carolina (road trip) to spend 2 weeks with my parents in July. Yay! I would love to have this to take along.

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    follow on twitter

    [email protected]

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    Okay, usually I’d say that I’d want to video the kiddies. We have a family reunion planned and I reall don’t know these people like I should. Every time I go People are always coming to me talking and I don’t be knowing who the heck Uncle Lou’s daughter’s baby cousin is! So with a video cam, I can go in with my cam and ask folks to look into the camera and give their name and where they are from. Then I can study it later and maybe know who these folks are the next time around!

  9. 9

    under zippieee

    [email protected]

  10. 10
    Seeryus Mama :

    Awesome giveaway Toni!

    We are driving this year from Nebraska to Kentucky. It will be a 12-13 day trip. I’d love to capture all of the exciting things we are going to do! From the stops in St. Louis, to the Kentucky Horse Park and just visiting with my Grands. My kiddies Great-Grands!

    Johnny also plays baseball, and we’ll have a lot of games this summer as well as go-cart racing.

    I’d also love to capture Miss Pea’s girly cuteness!

    [email protected]

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    buttons up

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    Seeryus Mama :
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    Seeryus Mama :

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    Seeryus Mama :

    I’ve stumbled! Again, SeeryusMama

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    Miss Blondie :

    Oh my God I need this video camera and I’ll tell you why. Hunter just had his first music concert at school and as much as I love the Vado, I couldn’t zoom in close enough to see him. ๐Ÿ™ If i had this it would have been perfect. If I won this, during the summer I would video Hunter at his baseball games since it’s his first year playing and spending time at the beach down Cape Cod. Thank you so much for an awesome giveaway?!!

  18. 18
    Miss Blondie :

    I follow your tweets girl!

  19. 19

    Oh Toni, I am about to let the Cat outta the BAG!!! I would LOVE to have the JVC Everio because….. I am going to be a first time GRAMMA in October!!!!
    My daughter is having her first baby so this is my First Grandbaby!!
    I do NOT have a Camcorder so this would be a HUGE Blessing! This is one INCREDIBLE Camera and it does EVERYTHING!
    Many Thanks for the chance to win!!
    [email protected]

  20. 20
    Andrea Proulx :

    This summer we will (hopefully) be moving into our new house. I would use this video camera to capture the special moments of our new home. I can picture video taping from the porch out onto the gorgeous lawn and just having those memories forever.

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    LeslieVeg is following you on Twitter
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    Andrea Proulx :

    I’ve blogged about it on Mommas Review.

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    I voted for you for the hottest mommy Blogger!!
    Good luck!!!

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  31. 31

    I would love to win a new camcorder. I love to record my 2 beautiful girl.

  32. 32

    Toni, I’m going on a road trip to my cousins wedding in South Dakota and then on to Mount Rushmore, wouldn’t that be a great opp to use this camera? Thanks!
    [email protected]

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    I follow you on twitter!

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    I tweeted!

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    Andrea Proulx :
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    Andrea Proulx :

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    Andrea Proulx :

    I voted for you as a Hottie Mommy Blogger – AndProulx

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    Vivian Deliz :

    We will be receiving a new baby into the family this summer. I would use the camcorder to record this blessed event. We will also have a wedding this summer and this would be a great way to record it for posterity. Thanks for such a nice giveaway.

  39. 39

    I’m not sure of our vacation plans this summer but this would be a true blessing to have to capture our little one growing up!

  40. 40
  41. 41

    We will need this for the summer for everything! Vacation to Estes Park, first swimming lessons, first glasses (probably) our favorite trip to the carnival, 4th of July picnic! I want to record it all!

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    Blogger follower

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    I voted for you as hottest mommy blogger as Loriandtony (the one with the puppies you know!)

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    Turtlesundaes :

    I am taking my daughter who just turned two to Hayward, Wisconsin in July. My parents have a cabin on the flowage there and I have been going there since I was two, it would be wonderful to video these priceless memories.

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    Turtlesundaes :

    I follow you on twitter-turtlesundaes

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    Turtlesundaes :
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    Eighty MPH Mom :

    I really, really, really need this for our family vacations this summer. My daughter and I want to go to Santa Cruz again but we are taking my husband this time. I would love to tape all of us, and while she is still interested in going on family vacations with us!

    mandjregan at gmail dot com

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    Eighty MPH Mom :

    I follow you on Twitter: EightyMPHMom

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    Eighty MPH Mom :

    I subscribe via google reader

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    Mommynightowl :

    I would love to use it to take video of my daughter in everyday life in the summer. My husband is joining the air force and will most likely be ready to go to boot camp by the end of the week. The three years we have been together we have only been apart two days, and he has never been apart from our daughter. I would love to be able to take lots of videos to show him when he gets home, so he can experience what she had.

  53. 53
    Mommynightowl :

    I voted you hottest mommy blogger. my user name is mommynightowl

  54. 54
    Sara and Alex :

    We are taking our daughter to Hawaii for the first time to the beach this summer> I would love to be able to record her toddling about in the sand and sea!

  55. 55
    Sara and Alex :
  56. 56
    Sara and Alex :


  57. 57

    Oh…My son will be starting his first tball team this summer…and a family reunion that I would LOVE to capture on film.
    This is so great…thank you!

  58. 58

    I also follow you on blogger as well.

  59. 59

    i would use the camera for a trip we might be planning to Hawaii!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    IF I did win i.e. ๐Ÿ˜€

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

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    i follow you on twitter (aaj83)

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    Giveaway JVC Everio by @Totally_Toni

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    i think i forgot to leave the link :-/
    i tweeted about the giveaway

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    We are going on our first family vacation in october so i would definitely use it for that. Thanks for the chance.

    sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

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  65. 65
    kiddiescorner :

    I will be using this for all the summer bbq’s, swimming, parks. Zoe is bigger this year so time to do vids

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    kiddiescorner :
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    kiddiescorner :

    I’m a follower on twitter @kiddiescorner

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    kiddiescorner :

    I voted you hottest mommy you sexy thing ๐Ÿ™‚ lol (kiddiescorner)

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    Seeryus Mama :

    I just voted for you as hottest mommy blogger!

    [email protected]

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    Seeryus Mama :
  71. 71

    My son is getting married. Surely there will be plenty to video on that special day!

  72. 72

    I would love to tape my grandchildren doing cute things like chase butterflies.

    Thanks for the contest.

    Frances Reiss

  73. 73

    Im going on a cruise and would love to win this item — Thanks for the contest !

  74. 74

    The wildlife around the house.

  75. 75
  76. 76
    shelbysheppar1 :

    I would love to win this! I have two grandkids (two years old…5 weeks apart) I would get a lot of use out of it!

  77. 77

    Some of our everyday things are going to our ski resort and riding the alpine slide and our mountain bikes. I KNOW my boys want to video their rides (either kind). Thanks for the giveaway~

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  78. 78
    ironmyshirt :

    I would use it to record our newborn, born on April 21st and our soon to be 3 year old daughter for her upcoming birthday pool party =)

  79. 79

    I would use it to capture my little guys first birthday!

  80. 80

    I follow you on Twitter @MamaMichie

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    I subscribe via Google Reader

  82. 82
    harleymanhawk :

    My step children are competitive dancer. I would use it t record them.

  83. 83
    Sandra K321 :

    We’re going to Orlando for vacation and also Tampa to see my brother and his wife. This would be nice to have with us since it is so small and easy to bring it with us.

  84. 84
    stOOpidgErL :

    What an awesome video camera!
    I would be using it to film the birth of my first child!! We have a dinky old video camera and would love a new one!

  85. 85
    stOOpidgErL :

    I am a follower

  86. 86

    I’d use it to record my nephew – who has just begun his first season of Little League!

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  87. 87
    Andrea Proulx :
  88. 88

    I have so much family visiting this summer, this would be perfect.

  89. 89

    i would love this to take video of my daughters karate matches.

  90. 90

    I would love to use this for all the family get-togethers, vacations, and NEW BABIES we have to look forward to!

  91. 91

    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Oh, I would so love to have this for our family’s 4th of July bash! It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to record anything and this would just be perfect!

  92. 92

    We are campers and just purchased our first “brand new” camper. This season is going to be the bomb!

  93. 93

    following Twitter and Blogger!

  94. 94

    I’m crazy for fireworks, I see 2-3 firework shows every 4th of July, so I’d use it to capture the show.

    you always get to review the coolest stuff! you must love it.

    and that’s an awesome slide your daughter is on in the video, we don’t have nice playgrounds like that here! my nieces and nephew would be jealous.

  95. 95

    I don’t own a Video Camera, but would love to be able to record my Grandson.

  96. 96

    I have two grandchildren 2 and 4 who love to help nana in the garden. Give them the hose, and its a mud fight. I would love to record all of their antics.

  97. 97

    This would be so awesome to win~We are going to see my sister and her family this summer so this would be great to take pictures of all of them:)

  98. 98
  99. 99

    My daughter graduates this summer.I would love to capture that!

  100. 100

    have a wedding coming up that this would be perfect for, and love the fact I could fill a bb game without saying oh crud its dead and searching and switching out.

  101. 101

    There are many things I would love to take videos of this summer. We are expecting a new nephew due in June, a vacation coming up in August and I am planning on taking swimming lessons this year and I’m sure my husband would love to catch that on video!

  102. 102

    My kids are looking forward to lots of beach time this summer, so that would be video opportunity number one!

  103. 103

    my girls dance competitions and my oldest dancing with the lonas brothers

  104. 104
  105. 105

    I have never met my nephew who is just 2. I am meeting him for the first time in a few weeks. Oh how I’d love to capture the moment on video.

  106. 106

    I would use this at all of Gracie’s games. It would be great for VBS too. Thanks!

  107. 107
    Verging on 40 :

    I will use it to record my two grandsons, Noah and Aiden.

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    Verging on 40 :
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    Verging on 40 :

    I voted you hottest mommy. My username is vergingon40

  110. 110

    I will use it for a visit to the San Diego zoo to get some pictures of the animals and birds.

  111. 111

    My family will be taking a vacation to Florida in the next few months and this would be perfect to remember the trip by.

  112. 112

    I would use prize to tape son and his friends during their skate sessions, and during summer parties with our friends and family

  113. 113

    I would use it when we go to Orlando this June.

  114. 114

    If I win, I plan on using this camcorder to capture my extended family throughout the summer. For the past year, I have finally lived in my hometown once again. However, I have recently been laid off from my job which allowed me to work from a home office. Therefore, I will have to move away since the local job market is horrible.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I Tweeted about this giveaway:
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    I plan on using it for a recording a reunion with a friend who I haven’t seen in a very long time!


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    I voted for you as hottest mommy blogger — my user name is Nelsby.
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  122. 122

    We have vacation to Disney World in Florida, This would be great to record all of the events, Thank you very much for the chance to win!

  123. 123

    I am going on a road trip with my nephew this summer. I would love to record our little adventure.

  124. 124

    I would use this camera to record videos to share witn my family members who live in different states. I am always wishing that I had a camera to record things with whenever we do things together.


  125. 125

    I follow your blog.

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    Your button is on my sidebar.

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    I follow you on Twitter.
    I am southrngrl.

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    I would use it to tape lots of time at the lake with the wife and kidlets.

  129. 129

    I stumbled this post.

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  131. 131
    Fangirl Jen :

    I’d like to use it to take some video of my mom. My sister lives across the country, so this would be a nice way to send the news and some greetings to her.

  132. 132

    I would love to have this for the camping and swimming we plan on doing this summer. Plus there will be a new baby in the extended family which would be great to have this to catch those first days.

  133. 133

    I follow your blog through Blogger.

  134. 134

    I voted for you (intrigue1)

  135. 135

    My daughter graduates from high school, I would love to take some “off to college” videos

  136. 136

    I need this for summer to record my granddaughter swimming, her soccer games and her just being her. Thanks.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  137. 137

    I’d use it to make videos of my friends when we go to Anime Iowa (a convention) in August.


  138. 138

    I will use this for our family vacation to see my Husband’s family for the first time in Iowa!

  139. 139

    I follow

  140. 140

    I voted you hottest mom


  141. 141
    Angie Marion :

    I am planning on taking a few trips this summer, one to Pittsburgh to visit friends and family and to Ocean City to enjoy the beach. Plus, my kids and all of the funny things that they do!

  142. 142
    Eighty MPH Mom :
  143. 143

    I would love to win this to put my beautiful grand kids on video. Thanks for an awesome prize.

  144. 144

    I would love to take this with me this summer when i go to England. It would be great to capture my experience. [email protected]

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    I blogged about this swell giveaway:

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    This is a great giveaway that I would use on our vacation to Myrtle Beach and at my daughter’s vacation bible school show.

    abfantom (at) yahoo (dot) com

  151. 151
    Team Morris :

    Wow! Now that’s an AWESOME giveaway!!! Thanks JVC! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m headed to Santa Fe where my sister in law is giving birth to her first child. We just found out she’s having a girl yesterday! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    katygmorris at gmail dot com

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    Team Morris :

    I follow you with blogger. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. 153
    LilyBiscuit :

    We have 2 weddings in the family and I have baby showers too. So, mainly family events would be filmed, if I were lucky enough to win. Thanks!
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    LilyBiscuit :

    Follow on Google Reader. Thanks.
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    LilyBiscuit :

    Blog follower. Thank you!
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    jffryclough :

    we’ll be going to lake winnipesaukee this summer with my niece and nephews and this would be awesome!

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    LilyBiscuit :

    Follow on Twitter too!! ( dragonfly777 )
    Thanks very much.

    [email protected]

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    Team Morris :

    I just voted you “Hottest Mommy Bloger” as katygmorris. Who wouldn’t want that title!?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  159. 159

    Dude, I soo need a camera! Currently, I’m camera less ๐Ÿ™
    I’ve been wanting a camera for a while, but don’t have the money at the moment
    The camera would be my baby, and I would use it everywhere I go and videotape anything of interest-haha
    And during the summer, I can get a lot pretty shots ๐Ÿ™‚
    Someone is gonna get super lucky!
    KawaiiNeko2008 at aol dot com

  160. 160

    i plan to use this to record wildlife this summer {this includes my kids and the gerandparents}!
    [email protected]

  161. 161

    I would use it when my sister comes to visit this summer.

  162. 162

    I would use this to video my grandkids this summer when we visit them in Michigan!!! Also, I would be able to make videos of my kids horse shows!

  163. 163

    Since I got pregnant I have been begging my hubby for a video camera. Haven’t received on yet and my twins are already over a year! My son is waddling around and it’s adorable and I would love to record my babies enjoying the outdoors and discovering nature. We take lots of summer trips, including a road trip planned in a few weeks and a trip to Paris, gosh I need a video camera

  164. 164

    We have weekly family get togethers during the summer that I would like to record to look back on later.

  165. 165
    Sara and Alex :
  166. 166

    I’d like to video the festival (concerts) that I’m going to!

    alison_luby at hotmail dot com

  167. 167

    my husband’s brother is getting married in June so we would use it for that. Thanks. [email protected]

  168. 168

    Would be fantastic to have for my little boy’s 2nd bday party, visits with grammys and grandads, and good ole family time.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  169. 169

    We will be going to visit my brother in North Carolina. He had a baby girl 7 months ago and I would love to video tape her as we live to far to see her. She is an adorable little baby girl. Thanks.
    [email protected]

  170. 170

    I would use this camera to record me and my friends at the beach.
    [email protected]

  171. 171

    We’re going to Seattle for vacation this summer and are taking my “Twilight Obsessed” 10 yr old daughter to Forks. I’d love to have this to capture our vacation! Thanks


  172. 172
  173. 173

    I follow on twitter as

  174. 174

    We have a family reunion this summer and my husband is doing a marathon

  175. 175

    I would use this camcorder this summer to tape my grandsons playing their soccer games!

  176. 176

    I would capture my chubby pinhead cat’s daily adventures.

    [email protected]

  177. 177

    I would use the Camcorder on my family trip to Disney World.

    [email protected]

  178. 178

    Follow blog.

    [email protected]

  179. 179
  180. 180

    I’m a college student who is thesising next year and I am doing my thesis on home vs impermanence. This summer I am traveling to New England to begin documentation for my year long project. I would love to have this to use in my project.

    [email protected]

  181. 181
  182. 182

    My nephew wants to come stay with my family for the summer to go swimming in our pool.

  183. 183

    Follow on Twitter-Naddez.

    [email protected]

  184. 184

    I voted for you as hottest mommy blogger.

    [email protected]

  185. 185

    I stumbled – Naddez.

    [email protected]

  186. 186
    throuthehaze :

    ill be going to a concert festival and would love to record the trip!

  187. 187

    Planning a road trip across the country this summer. Would be great to catch some of the video!

  188. 188
    Carol Lawrence :

    We’ll have lots of our 15 grandkids coming to our house to swim and cook-out,a recorder would get a lot of use. [email protected]

  189. 189
    Carol Lawrence :

    Yahoo reader subscriber. [email protected]

  190. 190

    My baby boy is turning 1 this summer and would love to get his first b-day on camera and all of his other adventures this summer.

    [email protected]

  191. 191

    I would use this at the beach this summer. We have wanted a house at the beach for 18 years and finally have one and there is so much to see that i want to remember with our kids growing up and want them to see and remember I would like to be able to send my very special Aunt video’s to include her in our life and is 80 now so traveling is limited.

  192. 192

    I follow you on twitter(photoquest2)

  193. 193

    I subscribe

  194. 194

    I would use this to tape my daughter’s volleyball play.
    I would love to have this

  195. 195
    The Queen Of Free :

    My husband and I would love to have this camera to take with us on our second honeymoon this summer! It would be fantastic!

  196. 196

    I would love to tape my daughter who recently started walking, my sons having fun swimming, my cat playing, and the birds outside my front window that I can never seem to get a picture of.
    [email protected]

  197. 197

    I really would like to win this to record my three beautiful children. I don’t to lose one precious memory. They will get to visit with their aunt this summer and this might be the last time as she lives across the country and she is older. I also want to get my daughter learning how to swim without her life jacket. I just want to be able to look back at all the good times. Helps to get through those bad times.

  198. 198

    Somehow and in someway, I’m going to go on vacation to Hawaii and this camcorder will come in handy to catch some video of me catching my first wave on a surfboard! Aloha!

  199. 199

    What a wonderful and very generous prize. I’d really love to win this camera to be able to video my children and husband. My kids seem to be growing so quickly and I’d really love to have some of these special memories of them on video. In addition, this June is my brothers 50th birthday and we’ll be hosting a surprise party for him, with many friends and relatives coming to the party that we haven’t seen in ages coming to celebrate with him. I’d really love to have a video camera for this special day too.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful prize and please enter me.

  200. 200

    I would use this at the park, beach, school playground, and at family gatherings this summer. Would be great to capture some fun family moments.

    [email protected]

  201. 201

    I follow your blog

    [email protected]

  202. 202

    I follow you on twitter as samsakara

    [email protected]

  203. 203

    I voted you as the hottest mommy blogger and vote count was at 37 and user name samsakara

    [email protected]

  204. 204

    I added your button to my sidebar

    [email protected]

  205. 205

    just pick me thats easy

  206. 206

    On my trip to London

  207. 207

    We do a lot of camping in the summer with our grandaughters. it would be great to be able to capture these trips on film.

    [email protected]

  208. 208

    I’m spending most of the summer off work with the kids…so I’d love to tape our daily adventures!

  209. 209

    My son will be getting married this summer and I would love to have a camcorder for the occasion.. Thanks for the chance.

  210. 210

    I would love to have it to go on vacation in July. Thanks.

  211. 211
    purplegengar :

    I would take it to the amusement park and use it to to make movies while riding the roller coasters.

  212. 212
  213. 213

    family reunion coming up… this camcorder would be perfect for that.

  214. 214
    Anson Young :

    I’d like to record the madness and magic of having all my grandchildren come for a visit at once

  215. 215

    I will use it for my son’s graduation and our vacation.

  216. 216

    I would use it to film the boys peewee football games! They are so cute!

  217. 217
    pamcallahan :

    I would love to have the camcorder to record the kids on vacation this summer. We are going to a water park and they will have a great time

    [email protected]

  218. 218

    i tweeted about the giveaway

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  219. 219

    I would use the video camera of my family at ALL vacations!

  220. 220
  221. 221

    I have a new grandbaby who will be 5 months old this month. She lives in another state and I would love to go see her and take videos of her and my daughter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  222. 222

    Would love this to capture family moments

  223. 223

    Sweet digicam

  224. 224

    I would love to win this and use it at our family reunion. I have not seen my relatives in over six years. When my mother passed away, our family fell apart.

  225. 225

    What a great camcorder! My son is getting married this summer and I would love to use it to film that. Thank you for a great contest!

  226. 226

    I’m following your blog.

  227. 227

    I’m following you on Twitter and I tweeted

    thank you!

  228. 228

    I voted for you – good luck!

  229. 229
    Jeanette H. :

    What a great prize! I love your review of it.
    I could use this camcorder for so many things. My camcorder recently stopped working and I hate being with out one. We have lots planned this summer and REALLY need a camcorder to capture those memories. A trip to the zoo with the new Dinosaur exhibit, soccer games, a summer vacation and a family reunion. All great reasons to own a camcorder.

    Thank you for the GREAT giveaway!


  230. 230

    I would use this to record my daughter this summer. She is 5 and just growing up so fast. I would love to have a video of her to look back at years from now.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Angela ~ thisisme79(at)gmail(dot)com

  231. 231

    I would video my grandkids.

  232. 232

    I would video my family, especially my granddaughters. My oldest grandaughter is playing tee ball for the first time so I would definately film that. Also I would film the antics my youngest grandaughter gets into while her parents are distracted watching those ballgames.

  233. 233

    Hopefully my daughter is going to learn how to ride horses this summer, and I want to get it recorded to share with out of town family ๐Ÿ™‚

  234. 234

    I follow on blogger!

  235. 235

    I follow on twitter! (weeblet)

  236. 236

    i would use this when we go to san diego for vacation this year.:) Thanks!

  237. 237

    I’m vacationing and working in California this summer, so it would be wonderful to be able to record my adventures. I’m an actress too, so this would be great for recording audition demos! Thanks so much, I would love this!!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  238. 238

    I follow your blog.

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  239. 239
    Andrea Proulx :
  240. 240

    I tweeted the giveaway on Twitter:

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  241. 241

    We are going to Niagra Falls and I would love to record the experience!

  242. 242

    Okay… Here’s desperation… I NEED THIS! I have no way of taking pics of my girls right now! UGH! We also have a pool… I’d LOVE to tape the girls while the spash and play this summer!

  243. 243
  244. 244

    Following on Twitter


  245. 245
    joannaonthelake :

    Why I would love to have this amazing JVC Everio this summer and also why we need it is to capture those very candid and once in a lifetime moments of our 3 young children so we can share them with both sets of grandparents who live out of state. We are teaching our 2 older children, who are both still under the age of 10, how to waterski on the lake this summer and we want to be able to have the grandparents watch them learn. I can’t think of a better dream camcorder to record this magical time for them than with this JVC Everio! It would mean the world to my parents and my husbands parents to be able to witness the joy and excitement of our kids learning how to waterski, so thanks so much for the chance to enter!

    [email protected]

  246. 246
    joannaonthelake :
  247. 247
    joannaonthelake :

    I am indeed following your blog
    [email protected]

  248. 248
    joannaonthelake :

    I Voted for you as hottest mommy blogger, username is joannaonthelake

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  249. 249
  250. 250
    joannaonthelake :

    I Stumbled, my username is joannaonthelake and here is the link:

    [email protected]

  251. 251
    Alaina Frederick :

    With my son graduating from preschool on Friday I’m reminded that time is just flying by and I’m missing things everyday!

    With three young boys my memory is not what it use to be and having those ice tea mix spills, hugs and kisses, and first words on film would be so amazing!

    Thanks Toni and JVC for this great giveaway!!

  252. 252

    My husbands sister is coming here this sumer from Californai and it is the first time since 1992. They have only seen each other one time in all those years.
    We are trying to get all the family together one day, so this video camera would be a blessing!
    thanks for the chance to try and win it –
    Have a great summer and make many memories of your own with your children ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. 253
    joannaonthelake :

    I submitted a Digg, or Dugg this! My username is joannaonthelake and here is the link:

    [email protected]

  254. 254

    Great giveaway! I would use this to record the highlights of summer – visits to local beaches, fireworks displays, parades, street fairs and concerts in the park.

    Blather From Brooklyn

  255. 255
    Alaina Frederick :
  256. 256

    I’d video my yearly visit with my bff and her son.

  257. 257

    This would be going with me on our girlfriends’ vacation to the beach. Our group always has so much fun and I’d like to preserve the memories.

  258. 258 :

    I’m taking my girls on their first camping trip soon. I need this camcorder to document the experience in case we don’t survive.

  259. 259

    I will use it to record those special moments with my grandchildren, ages 9-7. There will come a time when coming to grandma’s will be a chore, and we will cherish those recorded times.


  260. 260

    I tweeted


  261. 261

    I am a follower.


  262. 262

    I follow you on Twitter (Dove420)

  263. 263

    Your site is on my blog roll.

  264. 264

    Your button has been added to my sidebar.


  265. 265

    I would use it for our family get togethers and also just fun nature scenes

  266. 266

    I could really use this to capture my kid’s sporting events this summer.
    [email protected]

  267. 267

    This camera would be perfect for the busy summer ahead! I would love to capture a wedding, graduation, 2 new babies and a trip to visit family.

  268. 268

    Most of all my family lives in Germany and my husband and I are going this summer for our 10 year anniversary. I would love this so I could video my grandmother and the rest of my family. I don’t think she’ll be around much longer and want to capture her on video so I can always hear her voice when I’m missing her and see her.
    Thanks for the great contest.

  269. 269

    I did a tweet: gugel98Entered to win a JVC Everio camcorder. Enter: GZ-MG680.


  270. 270

    My son and his wife are stationed in Japan. I’d use the camera to tape some everyday things like grilling, gardening and even lawn-cutting (yes, he misses that lol). I’d tape some of the beautiful scenary around here, and I’d tape special events in the area. Still photos seem to help them with homesickness – I’ll bet video would be 100 times better. asthenight at gmail dot com

  271. 271

    Tweet! asthenight at gmail dot com

  272. 272

    I’m subscribed via Google Reader. asthenight at gmail dot com

  273. 273

    I follow you on Twitter (AsTheNight) asthenight at gmail dot com

  274. 274

    I follow you through Blogger.


  275. 275

    the grandkids of course, i have twin grandsons and would love to capture all there milestones, also i have a grandaugther who is a cheerleader and would love to record her compatitions!!

  276. 276
    SomebodyFamousJr :

    I want to use this camcorder to make my cocker spaniels YouTube SuperStars!

  277. 277

    If I were to win this I would use it to film our many summer outings to amusement parks and picnics to capture the memories!
    [email protected]

  278. 278

    We are having a family reunion this summer and I would definitely use it there. Thanks for the opportunity.
    susan dot lockhart at gmail dot com

  279. 279

    I'd love to have this for my daughter's graduation, but since there's no way it will be here in time, I'd love to use this for all those summer moments with the kids & the dog…

  280. 280


  281. 281

    We are hopefully going to the beach this summer. It will be Lucy’s first trip to the beach and I would absolutely love to have such an awesome camera to capture all her first memories from the beach!

  282. 282

    I have your button!

  283. 283

    I have you on my blogroll.

  284. 284

    I would undoubtedly use it to immortalize my kitties on video. I’d also use it for footage of wild critters that visit my yard– squirrels, rabbits, etc.

  285. 285

    DUH! I’d use it to film all the amazing bloggers at BlogHer in Chicago! How cool would that be to interview your bloggy idols, snag Toni dancing in the elevator, or Miranda blowing kisses?! *sigh* Yup, I’d use it for BlogHer


    My visit to Texas with family!

  286. 286

    I follow you on Twitter!

  287. 287

    My brother who is stationed in Germany will be coming home with his family for Thanksgiving. We haven’t had Thanksgiving together since the 1990’s. I would love to be able to videotape that.

  288. 288
  289. 289
    tarahsfoodreviews :

    We’re getting married and I would love to take this on our honeymoon to record our first trip as husband and wife!


  290. 290

    We have our first grand baby coming later this summer I would love to video her. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  291. 291

    My sister, niece and nephew will be visiting this summer, and I don’t have any recent video of them. My ex pawned our old video camera with the tape inside, so I don’t have any old video of them either. ๐Ÿ™ I’ll also be attending the annual July 4th party that a friend’s family throws. It’s a huge event, and I’d love to have some video of it this year. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  292. 292
    Sara and Alex :

    daily tweet
    saradavis1 at gmail

  293. 293

    we will be going to the islands and we also spend weekends at the beach as a large family

  294. 294

    I don’t do much during the summer, but I’ve been wanting to get some video of my nephew, and I have a new niece, so that would be amazing to video them. I also would love to catch my cats on video because they do some crazy things that I would love to have on camera.

  295. 295

    It would make my year to win this camcorder!! There are so many events in my childrens lives that I wish could/would be recorded other than by photographs. If I won I would have to buy extra batteries because there are so many things I would love to record that I would never sit the camcorder down. Thanks for the chance. [email protected]

  296. 296

    I would love this to capture all of the graduations I’m going to this summer.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  297. 297

    I would love to record my grandson’s baptism this summer. Thanks for the giveaway.

  298. 298

    Thanks for the contest. We’re planning a crosscountry trip this summer and I would love to document it!


  299. 299

    Niece just turned 1 – would love to save her smiles!

  300. 300

    I would use it to capture family gatherings,reunions, childrens activities, friends and flowers.

  301. 301
    Seeryus Mama :
  302. 302
    Barefoot Mommies :

    I would use it to show our girls growing up while there daddy is deployed (AGAIN) We didnt have one last time and pictures can capture babys first words or our oldest getting mouthy (LOL)

    Angela from barefoot mommies

  303. 303
    Barefoot Mommies :

    I facebooked you ๐Ÿ˜€

    Angela from Barefoot Mommies

  304. 304

    I would record my sons first birthday as well as his first day at the beach! ([email protected])

  305. 305
    Barefoot Mommies :

    Posting it to the blog right now
    heres the link

    barefoot mommies
    [email protected]

  306. 306
    Barefoot Mommies :

    I follow you on twitter as well

    [email protected]

  307. 307

    I would use the camcorder to record all the family parties we have planned for this summer!

  308. 308

    I follow your blog through google reader.

  309. 309

    I have your button on my sidebar.

  310. 310

    I follow you on Twitter.


  311. 311
  312. 312
    grammyrivard :

    I would use this to tape all the ‘special times’, ie: grandsons’ motorcross, talent shows, holidays, birthdays, etc.. I would also tape everyday events because they are just as important, especially when remembering a loved one. God’s Blessings to all…

  313. 313
    Life Is A SandCastle :

    I would love to win the Everio GZ-MG680 to record my new baby due 7-5-09 & to record my 2yr. I would love to catch all these memories with the Everio GZ-MG680. Thanks.

    [email protected]

  314. 314
    Life Is A SandCastle :

    I’ve got your button, thanks 4-x chance.

    [email protected]

  315. 315
    cathirushing :

    we plan to take the 3 grandkids on vacation, i would love to film that

  316. 316

    2 high school reunions…..

  317. 317

    We have a new baby I’d love to have this for. Also hopefully a trip to Tennessee.

  318. 318
    jemscout425 :

    my daughters softball games and i’ll video tape my family reunion in august
    [email protected]

  319. 319

    No vacations planned, so I’d use this camera to take pictures of gardens and other interesting things.

    I did have a mother cat and her five 4-week old kittens living in my garbage can outside. I would have loved to have pictures of those cuties! The mother cat took the kittens away, but she returned(without the kittens) to eat the food I’d left her!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    email in blogger profile.

  320. 320

    I’d love to use it on all of the above, soccer games, the kids, the kids at soccer games, my 2 year old being her normal fun self, all the new stuff my 2 month old is learning, going to Ohio in June, oh the wonderful things we could record!

    I’ll do the rest for extras in a bit, my 2 month old needs his mommy. :o)

  321. 321

    I would use this to record the birth of my baby that is due in July!

  322. 322

    i want to win

  323. 323
    randycur0962 :

    We would use at my girlfriends 12 year olds track meets and school events.

  324. 324
    randycur0962 :

    We would use at my girlfriends 12 year olds track meets and other school events.

  325. 325

    blogged about you here –

  326. 326

    Link is under misc sites I visit –

  327. 327

    My grandkids are coming and this would be perfect

  328. 328
    Night Owl Mama :

    Um can I use the Everio GZ-MG680??? Most definately I had a JVC camcorder that just recently got broke by my 20 yr old son. We are going to New York this summer for just a travel tour and hoping to find some great stops along the way. Having the Everio to capture our memories would be GREAT. Not to mention my children grow everyday and I need something just to capture their silly personality’s.

  329. 329
    Night Owl Mama :

    I tweet and follow you on Twitter

  330. 330
    Night Owl Mama :

    I have your button on my rolling blog buttons

  331. 331
    Night Owl Mama :

    I follow you on Twitter

  332. 332

    My wife (leah) and I are taking a trip to celabrate oue wedding – this would be grat to win!!! Good luck to all

  333. 333

    My Mom’s 70th birthday party!

  334. 334

    At family gatherings, like the 4th of July barbecue, etc.

  335. 335
    Night Owl Mama :

    YOu now have 39 votes for the Hottest Mommy
    NightowlMama and I left ya a comment there too

  336. 336

    I’d love to capture my baby’s first steps!

  337. 337
    Simply Being Mommy :

    We’ve never had a camcorder so this would be great to be able to have some memories from my children during the summer.

    crystal_reagan at hotmail dot com

  338. 338
    Simply Being Mommy :

    I’m following through Blogger.

    crystal_reagan at hotmail dot com

  339. 339
    Simply Being Mommy :

    I put your button on my sidebar

    crystal_reagan at hotmail dot com

  340. 340
    Simply Being Mommy :

    I follow you on Twitter.

    crystal_reagan at hotmail dot com

  341. 341

    Both my kids have birthdays in the summer so I would record their parties

    [email protected]

  342. 342

    I would love to record my boys running, there practise begins in early June. I would also like to film them when their grandparents visit. It would be so wonderful to have my boys and my in-laws on film!
    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  343. 343

    I would use this baby in Vegas when my friends and I go in August. What happens in Vegas might just make it out!

  344. 344

    I follow.
    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  345. 345

    YOur button is in my button marquee on the left hand side.
    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  346. 346

    I follow you on Twitter (knittingmomof3)
    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  347. 347

    Fav’d on Technorati (knittingmomof3)
    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  348. 348

    Your blog is in my blogroll.
    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  349. 349

    I would record my time taking the kids to various places as well as record special moments at family get-togethers.


  350. 350

    I follow you on twitter as Elkaye


  351. 351

    I’d like to use this for our summer holiday in Scotland.

  352. 352

    Oh how I can list the ways:
    Football games
    Marching Band (son went and played for the president brought back 6 1st place trophies this JVC camcorder would of come in some handy)
    Basketball games
    First Grand Baby
    Jazz Band Concerts
    The Mud Runs
    The Races
    Weddings (two coming up this summer)
    Graduation (son graduates next year)
    Ok I'll stop lol
    Thanks for Sharing this amazing review & giveaway~! ๐Ÿ™‚

  353. 353

    I would use this when my son is pitching during his baseball games and also on our trip to Cancun

    msboatgal at

  354. 354

    I’m following you on twitter
    tweet tweet

  355. 355
    Night Owl Mama :

    your now at 3
    don’t laugh I typo’d my name when I signed up.

  356. 356

    I’m following your blog,,,see my shadow lol

  357. 357

    I would love to just be able to video my family. I would get our yearly trip to the zoo and just funny stuff my kids do on video.

  358. 358

    I follow you on twitter. My twitter id is makeetis.

  359. 359

    Voted for you Good Luck~!
    Sorry I couldn’t Fav you on Tecnorati because site is having issues that they are working on ๐Ÿ™
    I can’t video and beg because I don’t have a video camera that I can upload a video to you ๐Ÿ™
    Would do both if I could~!

  360. 360

    Just came back from blogging about this site,review and giveaway
    Thanks Again~!

  361. 361

    I’m not sure of our vacation plans this summer but this would be a true blessing to have to capture our little one growing up!

  362. 362

    My mom and dad are visiting this summer and I’d love to be able to record our great times together while they’re here. I don’t get to see them nearly enough.

    sweetmaricablue [at] gmail [dot] com

  363. 363

    I’m going to use it to capture video of a UFO!

  364. 364

    I would use this to film the kids and house, etc to send to grandparents in another state that they never get to see.

  365. 365

    I just had a new baby and the old camera pales by comparison to this one. I’d love this to take some good videos of him.

    apeak AT hotmail DOT com

  366. 366

    I am following you on twitter now.

    apeak AT hotmail DOT com

  367. 367
    BlackShield :

    suh-weet prize

  368. 368

    I’d love to film my kids playing and just being themselves. They change so fast, I want to capture all their cuteness before they lose it all(circa teenage years) LOL. Thanks!

    treflea4 at gmail dot com

  369. 369

    I would be using the camera to video tape our vacation and my nephews 2nd birthday party!!

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  370. 370

    I would use this to take video of our camping trips this summer. My boys can do some pretty silly things and it would be great to capture it on video.

  371. 371

    Camping and exploring Colorado this summer. Visiting my 2 yr old niece…needed!

  372. 372

    follower on twitter (lisagee123)

  373. 373

    I am taking the grandkids to the Great Wolf Lodge this summer. It would be awesome to capture all the festivities on video. There are many special family moments that I have pictures of, but would love to have those special times on video. Holidays, trips, and grandchildren would be the main times I would use the video camera.

  374. 374

    I already follow on Twitter (taterbugtx)

  375. 375
  376. 376

    I follow your blog via Google Reader.

  377. 377

    I voted (lisagee123)

  378. 378

    I would love this for my kiddos sports this summer. We also just bought a camper so this would be great to take along!

    hebert024 at aol dot com

  379. 379
  380. 380

    mom just got her second clean bill of health after her cancer scare, I would love to have all our summer trips this year on video! Every day is a GIFT, it truly is.

  381. 381

    What would I do if I won this camcorder? That’s easy! In July we are flying out from Virginia to Portland Oregon, to see our great-niece get married. And while we are there, we will get to see our OTHER great-niece’s brand new baby, due just a couple of weeks before the wedding. Most of our family will be there, so it will be a joyous occasion. One well worth video-ing.
    May Schultz
    [email protected]

  382. 382
    joannaonthelake :
  383. 383

    I am looking so forward to capturing my newborn baby great neice on video and my nephews playing summer ball and having a blst at the lake. This would be so great to win so I can capture the memories of the children in my family. Thanks for the chance.


    [email protected]

  384. 384

    I want to vlog more, and this would definitely do it for me! This is also my daughter’s first summer and she’s just learning to walk so obviously she would be the main video attraction around here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

    ladyufshalott at

  385. 385

    I tweeted!

    ladyufshalott at

  386. 386

    Tweet Tweet:
    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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    Following on Blogger!

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    Following on Twitter!

    ladyufshalott at

  389. 389

    Voted for you! (kindredspirit)

    ladyufshalott at

  390. 390

    Sounds like a great contest. Please enter me in. [email protected]

  391. 391
    Seeryus Mama :
  392. 392

    I’d use this for taking videos of my gorgeous new granddaughter.

  393. 393
  394. 394

    user name cdziuba

    I voted for you as hottest mommy.

  395. 395

    blog follower

  396. 396
  397. 397

    We will be traveling cross country to see family this summer. We will use the JVC to record our time with loved ones we only get to see once or twice a year.

  398. 398

    We have just all sorts of wildlife in our backyard this year–I would love to get some good pictures.

    [email protected]

  399. 399
    Seeryus Mama :
  400. 400

    I have a 4.5 month old that needs to have videos taken. She has the best smile and will be giggling any day now, soon she will be crawling and then OMG walking and talking.

  401. 401
    Andrea Proulx :
  402. 402

    I follow on blogger

  403. 403

    Well, I’d use it for a few things. Boston fireworks. Upcoming beach trip. And my best friend’s wedding! ๐Ÿ™‚ I might just have to stick it in my bouquet as I walk down the aisle.

    croutonone (at)

  404. 404

    I have your button

  405. 405

    I’m following you on twitter: @rakedreviews

    croutonone (at)

  406. 406

    I would use it for a lot of things this summer. First off let me tell you I have never owned a video camera…sot that in itself would be a plus. I thus would use it a lot…trying to catch up on some memories. I have two toddlers and would love to see the world partly through there eyes for at least a few days. We have 4 family reunions I would have to use it at. Also we are going to be taking a few just day trips it would be great for! Thanks for the giveaway!

  407. 407

    I follow!

  408. 408
    Steve, Madonna (Me) and Connor :

    Oh holy moly do I need this camera, I have a son who loves to give speeches as if he was running for President and wax philosophical in his plans to one day be the Pres. Also lots of great family trips that would be great on film, family water balloon fights, me and my Dad getting testy about politics, all sorts of great filming moments.

  409. 409
    Steve, Madonna (Me) and Connor :

    I am following you on twitter, I am @madonnacramer!

  410. 410
  411. 411

    We’re taking the kids on a tour of the state this summer, so I would love to tape that. Also, we’re going to visit my son who is graduating from Basic Training (Eek, we didn’t even know he wanted to join and are still digesting it), and it will be the first time all four kids have been together since he left (we miss him). I’d like to get his ceremony on video, and the kids all together with him in his uniform.
    [email protected]

  412. 412

    I voted. Good luck! [email protected]

  413. 413

    I have lots of great family memories from my childhood on old 8 mm film. It's a blast to dig those out & reminisce about old times. I'd love to get into the 21st century with this video recorder so that my kids have the same opportunity!

  414. 414

    I’m a follower!

  415. 415
  416. 416
    Stefanie Hartman :

    I want to win this!!!! Our current system is a mess and out of date. I want to capture the growing up memories of my 4 children ages 3 to 15. And I recently found out that I am expecting. This is on my wishlist to capture my pregnancy and hospital and more more more. Blessings to you. Great giveaway and great mom site!! Stefanie Hartman [email protected]

  417. 417
    Stefanie Hartman :

    tweeted id keepsakebaby

    keepsakebabyhttp://www.juststopscreamin… Capture Those Memories Without Mess Giveaway at
    less than 5 seconds ago from web

    [email protected]

  418. 418
    Aunt Zeesie :

    We would use it to video our kids and animals! 2 years old to 15 years old and our grown children too! (27 years old)

  419. 419
    Stefanie Hartman :

    follow you on Twitter id keepsakebaby

    looking forward to your sweet tweets!!

  420. 420
    Sweet Serendipity :

    We’re taking our first real family vacation EVER (beside visiting family) in 8 years. I would love to have this for the trip!
    melissa b rich at gmail dot com

  421. 421

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby and this would be perfect to start recording all of the coming events!

  422. 422

    I’m following you on Twitter: OctButterfly06

  423. 423
  424. 424
    furygirl3132 :

    I would definitely use this to tape my kids over the summer as well as all of the time! I have a 6 year old and a 7 month old and they do so many funny and wonderful things it would be fun to capture them at their best and worst! Plus we have several camping trips planned for this summer. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!


  425. 425
    furygirl3132 :



  426. 426
    furygirl3132 :

    Following your blog.


  427. 427
    furygirl3132 :

    Following you on Twitter (furygirl3132).


  428. 428

    Were moving to California so I DEF need a video camera to record the move as well as my boys first time at the beach! woohoo

  429. 429

    I’d love to video tape my kids playing, school programs…hubby’s softball games.


  430. 430

    I’m pretty sure I’m a follower on blogger, but the feature isn’t working right now.

  431. 431
    furygirl3132 :

    Voted for you as Hottest Mommy Blogger (furygirl3132).


  432. 432
  433. 433

    Sign me up!!

  434. 434

    I would love love to win this and use it for our summer vacation. We married three years ago and are just now able to take a vacation with both of our kids. It would be wonderful to take this to Branson, MO to the White Water Park and Silver Dollar City and be able to record our family moments.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  435. 435
  436. 436

    Added to my blogroll here:

  437. 437
  438. 438
    Sara and Alex :
  439. 439

    I would get video of how much fun my kids have with their friends in the neighborhood. I haven’t told my kids that their friend’s parents are getting divorced and will be moving soon.

  440. 440
    CandG~Jill W :

    My daughter is 2-everything she does cracks me up. I would love to have this to capture all the hilarity. We have relatives coming in town for 4th of July weekend, so this would be great for that. Plus, she will be seeing the ocean for the 1st time this summer-I have to get that on video! thanks!

  441. 441
    CandG~Jill W :

    Your button is on my sidebar, thanks!

  442. 442
    CandG~Jill W :
  443. 443

    My husband just got a job about 9 hours away from home. My daughter and I plan on taking a few trips to see him. I would use this camera for our time traveling and finally seeing him.

    nicholakleyle at hotmail dot com

  444. 444

    We will be attending two weddings this summer, and it would be nice to have a record of the festivities.

    wolfcarol451 at gmail dot com

  445. 445
    Flying Giggles and Lollipops :

    We have a few camping trips and a wedding to attend. It would be perfect for those, but mostly for everyday little memories that we want to remember!

  446. 446
    Flying Giggles and Lollipops :

    Following your blog yzgirl4

  447. 447
    Flying Giggles and Lollipops :

    stumbled yzgirl4

  448. 448
    Flying Giggles and Lollipops :
  449. 449
    LoveMy2Dogs :

    I would love to have one of these so that I could video the kiddos while they are at my house, so that their parents can see what they actually do here.

  450. 450
    bridget3420 :

    I would use the camera to capture important moments with my nephew.


  451. 451
    bridget3420 :

    I tweeted.



  452. 452
    bridget3420 :

    You’re on my blogroll


  453. 453
    bridget3420 :

    Following on twitter – bridget3420


  454. 454

    would use it for general family videos, to upload and share.

  455. 455

    i will use it for parties

  456. 456

    I'd use this camcorder to capture some of my two beautiful grandchildrens' "first" moments. (I would also use to to capture friends & family in embarrassing moments!)

  457. 457

    My best friend is getting married this summer so I would LOVE to have this in order to capture memories for her (and for me!)!
    kkondek at

  458. 458
  459. 459
  460. 460

    Following through blogger (ktkatherine/fashionfrugality)!
    kkondek at

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    Faved on technorati – ktkatherine
    kkondek at

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    bridget3420 :

    Blogged about this giveaway


  463. 463

    I would be taking footage of the kids for their grandparents and of course for me.. Plus this summer is full of life changing events.. surgery for my baby, DH might away for a while because of work, etc… weeshenanigans(at)gmail(dot)com

  464. 464

    Nothing special planned, but I would love to video my girls playing in the yard this summer. Especially the youngest, who has just started to talk and has the cutest voice!

  465. 465
  466. 466

    My husband and I go camping a lot in Wisconsin I would love to tape the places we go.

  467. 467

    I’m a follower.

  468. 468

    Wooo Hooo Make me a winner!

  469. 469

    I’d like to make some videos of my mom and the rest of the family whenever we have get-togethers! I regret I have no videos of my dad, who passed away a few years ago… I also want to have someone make a video of me singing so I can enter next year’s America’s Got Talent!

    emvark at gmail dot com

  470. 470

    I’m a blog follower!

    emvark at gmail dot com

  471. 471
    TooMuchRock :

    I need this camcorder to record my newborn boy this summer.

  472. 472

    i follow you on twitter (aaj83) and i tweeted (05/14)

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  473. 473
    Night Owl Mama :
  474. 474

    I have a new grand baby going to be born and would love to have this to film his first day here with us.


  475. 475

    I followed you on twitter


  476. 476

    Taking the kids across country in our camper this summer.

  477. 477

    voted for you

  478. 478

    I would use it to capture any memories on my trip to Vietnam this summer.

  479. 479

    sorry – I tried to vote for you. Could not every find it!

  480. 480

    My boyfriend is starting a new business which involves going to a lot of live music concerts, so I would use it to film the concerts and events we go to for use on his websites and myspace.


  481. 481

    This would be perfect to record all of our big family get-togethers!

  482. 482
    oneinamil23 :

    i’m getting married – is that a big enough event?

    autumn398 (at)

  483. 483
  484. 484

    Fav’d on Technorati (susanlanai).

  485. 485

    I stumbled (susanlanai).

  486. 486
  487. 487
  488. 488

    I’m planning on going to Rome with my husband for our anniversary this year, and I’d love to use this camera to film the city! Thanks for the chance to win ๐Ÿ™‚

    If I am lucky enough to be chosen, you can reach me at chara at mailpanda dot com.

  489. 489

    I also followed you on Twitter. I’m @ContestsGuide. ๐Ÿ™‚

  490. 490
    joannaonthelake :
  491. 491
  492. 492
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    I added your blog to my faves on technorati. (misspiggythefirst) [email protected]

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    [email protected]

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    Seeryus Mama :
  498. 498

    I Tweeted this giveaway:
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  499. 499

    this would be so good for my boys they love to hunt they would love to tape there hunts.

    [email protected]

  500. 500
    Sara and Alex :
  501. 501
    Harmonysmomma :

    OK so I use to camcord things my kids did using my regular digital camera. Well I upgraded my camera and didn’t realize, IT has no camcord. How heartbroken am i? Another thing.. this is one thing I beat myself up over.. I never record them.. I know I am going to be kickin myself in a few years….. So I would use to camcord my kids, and basically everything they do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  502. 502
    CandG~Jill W :
  503. 503

    World traveler seeks hook-up with fun camcorder–thanks for the opportunity!

  504. 504

    i’ll use it at my big birthday party!

  505. 505

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  506. 506
    tatertot374 :

    Thank you for a great giveaway. I would love to win. I would use this to video my children this summer. Thank you
    [email protected]

  507. 507

    I would use it to videotape my son’s juggling performance at the juggling convention this summer

  508. 508

    I follow you on blogger

  509. 509

    I favorited your blog on Technorati (CarmaSez)

  510. 510

    My parents are getting old and will probably have to leave their lake-side house in a few years. I’d love to have lots of videos of the kids there so they can remember what it was like before it’s gone.

  511. 511

    I would love to capture all of my daughter’s memories on this.

  512. 512

    I would use this on my son’s first trip to the beach this summer

    dctm at bellsouth dot net

  513. 513

    I want to video grandkids.
    mlkskydive at aol dot com

  514. 514

    i follow you on twitter (aaj83) and i tweeted today

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  515. 515

    We’re going to Niagara Falls this summer, I’d love to use it to capture that memory!

  516. 516

    I would record my granddaughter. She is two and a delight to be around.

  517. 517

    I follow you on twitter miriama59

  518. 518

    I follow your blog

  519. 519

    WOW!!! THIS IS GREAT I [email protected]

  520. 520

    If we still have our jobs we might be going to disney world with my grandaughter and this be great to capture the memories thanks for the great contest.

  521. 521

    We haven’t had a camcorder for years. My kids are teens so I’d love to record our vacation before they’re grown and gone and we have no memories. Also my son plays football and my daughter is in an orchestra, so we have lots of things to record. Thanks.


  522. 522
  523. 523
    Homer Allen :

    Im taking my daughter to visit herr grandfather recording a album in the studio this would be great to have for the trip…

    [email protected]

    Goodluck everyone!!

  524. 524

    In 42 days I will be taking an Alaskan Cruise. I will enjoy having this with me. Thanks for the contest.

  525. 525

    your button is on my blog:

  526. 526

    follow on twitter.

  527. 527
  528. 528
    JamericanSpice :

    This would be awesome for our trip to visit my mom in Jamaica this summer! She’ll get to meet the grandkids for the second time and it would be so cool to have this!

  529. 529
    JamericanSpice :
  530. 530
    JamericanSpice :
  531. 531

    i follow you on twitter (aaj83) and i tweeted today

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

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    joannaonthelake :
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    I voted for you on bloggers choice awards. (minty2010) [email protected]

  535. 535

    New tweet:


  536. 536

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  537. 537
  538. 538

    We go camping every August so I’d take video there. Plus I’d take video at home too!

  539. 539

    I’m following you on Twitter, I’m valmg

  540. 540

    I faved you at Technorati, I’m valmg

  541. 541
    Seeryus Mama :
  542. 542

    I’m following through Google Friend Connect, I’m valmg

  543. 543
  544. 544
  545. 545
    Carol Lawrence :

    There will be lots of grandkids at our house this summer,so that’s wko we’ll be filming. [email protected]

  546. 546
    Carol Lawrence :

    Blog follower. [email protected]

  547. 547
  548. 548
  549. 549
    Tuesday Girl :

    I would love to record my kids doing all their summer “things” first time for my baby in a pool, T-ball for the twins, learning to dive this summer and just the genral day sof summer!

    tuesdayef (at) aol dot com

  550. 550
    Tuesday Girl :

    I follow you on twitter; tuesdayGirl

  551. 551

    I am going to Oskosh, WI in August for the big fly-in and I would use the camera to video the trip.

  552. 552

    I follow you on twitter.

  553. 553
    Sara and Alex :
  554. 554

    Since we don’t have a camcorder presently, I would be excited just to record the kids in their everyday activities. I’d record them playing on the playgound, playing sports, and spending time with family.

  555. 555

    My daughter is a performer so I would use this camcorder to record her many performances!

    [email protected]

  556. 556
    bridget3420 :

    Your button is on my blog:


  557. 557
    bridget3420 :

    You’re on my blogroll


  558. 558
    bridget3420 :

    Posted contest on my blog here:


  559. 559
    bridget3420 :

    Tweeted – bridget3420


  560. 560

    I’d set it up on a tripod to see if the cats actually ever moved off the sofa while I’m at work. Oh, and I’d use it for holiday trips too.

  561. 561

    We are going on a 2 week vacation to celebrate my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary. This would be perfect for that joyous occasion.

  562. 562

    Following on twitter.

  563. 563

    I am going on vacation to Yellowstone National Park and would love to use this camera on the trip.
    [email protected]

  564. 564
    CandG~Jill W :

    Happy Saturday tweet, thanks!

  565. 565

    My Sister-in-Law is coming here from Calidornia and it’s the 1st time she has been here in 16 years, so I would love get tape the get togethers ๐Ÿ™‚ (and then suprise her with her own copy)
    Thanks for the contest ๐Ÿ™‚

  566. 566
    Amy and her little family :

    Great video! I will use this camera to take videos of my two babies! I would love for my husband to see what they’re up to while he’s in Kuwait!!

    [email protected]

  567. 567
    Amy and her little family :
  568. 568
    Amy and her little family :
  569. 569
    Amy and her little family :

    I follow your blog!

    [email protected]

  570. 570
    Amy and her little family :

    I have your button

    [email protected]

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    Amy and her little family :

    you’re on my blogroll!

    [email protected]

  572. 572
    Amy and her little family :

    I follow you on twitter

    [email protected]

  573. 573

    My son is getting married and I’d love to use it for that! Thank you!

  574. 574
  575. 575

    I follow you on Twitter.

  576. 576

    I voted for you – good luck!

  577. 577
    Andrea Proulx :
  578. 578
    Eighty MPH Mom :
  579. 579

    It would be so nice to have one for the familys special moments! Thanks!

    [email protected]

  580. 580

    [email protected] i am expecting my 4th baby this summer. i would use the camcorder to record all of those firsts that will be happening over the next year. as well as my other 3 children. they grow too fast!

  581. 581
    Night Owl Mama :
  582. 582

    I have a couple road trips planned for this summer so it would be great to use the camcorder to chronicle all the goings-on for those! thanks! ([email protected])

  583. 583
  584. 584

    I would be THRILLED to win this camera so I can capture the cool things my family says and does daily.

  585. 585
  586. 586
  587. 587
    joannaonthelake :
  588. 588

    i follow you on twitter (aaj83) and i tweeted today

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  589. 589
  590. 590

    We will be going to Charleston, SC
    to met our Son and Daughter-in-law
    (who we only see at Christmas. So I
    would really love to video our trip, that would be “phenomenal”!!!
    Thanks, for such a great contest.

  591. 591

    Hopin’ to win and I tweeted again

    thank you!

  592. 592

    I would love to win this for my sister. Her little boys are 2 and 3. Lots of fun outdoor adventures to record this summer. Thank you for the chance to win.

  593. 593
  594. 594

    I would use it for fun family videos and a vacation at the Cape.

  595. 595

    I would love to film my granddaughter’s third birthday party!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  596. 596

    I follow on Blogger!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  597. 597

    I would love to have this when I take my kids to Sea World later this summer. Yep, I am going all out crazy and taking my 5 kids out of state to finally get a long overdue and well deserved vaction. Would love to be able to record this excursion.

    mrssquigg at comcast dot net

  598. 598
    Eighty MPH Mom :
  599. 599

    New tweet:


  600. 600

    This would be wonderful with the little ones growing up so quickly ๐Ÿ™‚

    ktgonyea at

  601. 601
    Seeryus Mama :
  602. 602

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  603. 603

    We’re having a big family reunion in July to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. I think this could come in handy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  604. 604

    I Tweeted this giveaway:
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  605. 605
    CandG~Jill W :
  606. 606
  607. 607

    I would use it to record possibly the last summer in our home we have lived for the past 22 years. ALthough we will miss it, it may be time to move on.

  608. 608

    My daughter LOVES to sing right now and my son loves to play Guitar Hero – it’d be great to record them. Thanks for the chance. iclipalso(at)yahoo(dot)com

  609. 609
    Leland's Mama :

    The big event I would use this for would be my son’s first birthday in August.

  610. 610
    Leland's Mama :
  611. 611
    Leland's Mama :

    I follow your blog through Blogger.

  612. 612
    Leland's Mama :

    Your button is on my sidebar under My Favorite Blogs

  613. 613
    Leland's Mama :

    I am following you on Twitter.

  614. 614
    Leland's Mama :

    I have favored your blog on Technorati.

  615. 615
    keith reardon :

    this would be great for my kids school plays and on vacations
    please enter me
    thank you

  616. 616
  617. 617

    I would give it to my niece who just had a baby boy.

  618. 618

    i follow you on twitter (aaj83) and i tweeted today

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  619. 619

    we are taking a family trip to st. louis this summer, would be cool to take a video of all that we do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  620. 620

    i have button on my sidebar

  621. 621

    you’re already on my faves on technorati. user name: ciaraj

  622. 622
  623. 623

    i voted for you-that should fluff up your ego a wee bit more lol ๐Ÿ™‚ ciaraj

  624. 624
    joannaonthelake :
  625. 625
  626. 626

    Hopin’ to win and I tweeted again

    thank you!

  627. 627
  628. 628
    Andrea Proulx :
  629. 629
    Janice Wright :

    The boyfriend & I are going to the Nationals in Boone late this summer, so it would be fun to get some car racing.

    jwright (at) iowatelecom (dot) net

  630. 630

    My baby boy will be born this summer, I can’t wait! My wife and I are video fanatics, so before the baby is one year old you can bet he will have his own library filled with videos.

  631. 631
    simone/ thebubbledies :

    We are going home for a family reunion in June, so I would use it to record my son’s first horseshoe tournament! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  632. 632

    I want to do a better job of recording the everyday moments of my three growing children. Thanks for the chance.

    [email protected]

  633. 633

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  634. 634

    My husband is on his way to Iraq for a year and there is thousands of things in our 8 month old’s life I’d love to document for him!

  635. 635

    Following your blog now (why wasnt I before?!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  636. 636

    Following you on Twitter now ๐Ÿ™‚

  637. 637
  638. 638
    Michael Kuntz :

    I would use the camcorder to film my upcoming trip to Hawaii. I can also use it in September when my sister will be having her first baby! Other than that, I’ll probably use it everyday just to film life.

    Michael.Kuntz[ at ]

  639. 639

    We have our first family trip to Florida coming up this summer….we are Seaworld bound! This camera would help save all of those wonderful Shamu moments for eternity!


  640. 640
    CandG~Jill W :
  641. 641

    I am planning to go to several concerts this summer that allow cameras and this would be great. I can think of 4 or 5 I already want to go to.

    [email protected]

  642. 642

    New tweet:


  643. 643
  644. 644

    I would love to record sections of my sister’s wedding reception. I also want to record a few camping trips that i have planned with friends.

  645. 645
    Seeryus Mama :
  646. 646
    Carol Lawrence :

    I’d make a video of grandkids swimming in our pool.

  647. 647
    Carol Lawrence :

    Yahoo reader subscriber.

  648. 648
    Carol Lawrence :

    Twitter follower.

  649. 649

    I would use this to film my kids playing sports. I would use it everywhere to be honest. Thank you

    [email protected]

  650. 650
    Eighty MPH Mom :
  651. 651

    I’m going to Antigua this summer and would love to have video memories of the trip!


  652. 652

    I Tweeted this giveaway:
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  653. 653
    Sara and Alex :
  654. 654

    Hanging out with the girl enjoying some summer fun

  655. 655
  656. 656
  657. 657

    I’d like to video our family get-togethers.

  658. 658
  659. 659
    joannaonthelake :
  660. 660
    vwestermeyer :

    How wonderful! I’d use it to record the everyday things. One of our daughters is moving to HOuston for grad school so this would be wonderful to share thins with her while she’s there!

  661. 661

    New tweet:


  662. 662
  663. 663
  664. 664
    Sara and Alex :
  665. 665
  666. 666

    We are going to Savannah this summer for the first time. Everyone tells me it’s a beautiful city. It would be great to be able to record this trip. Thank you.

  667. 667

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  668. 668
    pickledseeds :

    I would video tape my dogs playing in the back yard.

  669. 669

    i follow you on twitter (aaj83) and i tweeted today

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  670. 670

    We are taking a big trip this summer – yea for stimulating the economy ๐Ÿ™‚ – and would love to record it as it will probably be the last big vacation with the kids before they venture out on their own.

  671. 671
    CandG~Jill W :
  672. 672
  673. 673

    I’d use it for our birthday trip to disneyland!

    thefatesarevicious at yahoo dot com

  674. 674
    joannaonthelake :
  675. 675
  676. 676
  677. 677

    My boyfriend plays in two bands and i would love to be able to record his practices and especially Live Shows this summer;)
    [email protected]

  678. 678
  679. 679
  680. 680
    darlanpaulsmamma :

    we are going to the beach for 2 weeks this summer and i would use this there every day!

  681. 681
    darlanpaulsmamma :

    blog follower

  682. 682
    darlanpaulsmamma :

    twitter follower lovinmykiddos

  683. 683

    We have a ton of family coming to visit us at the beach this summer, so I know we would love to have this to capture the moments! Thanks!

  684. 684

    I follow your blog.

  685. 685

    I stumbled your post.


  686. 686

    I follow you on Twitter.


  687. 687
  688. 688

    I voted for you! I was #50-MaddyRu

  689. 689
  690. 690

    We have so much going on…Nephew’s graduation, several birthdays, my anniversary trip, going away party…it would get a workout!

  691. 691

    I follow on Twitter – Almost_Fini

  692. 692

    I follow your Blog!

  693. 693

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  694. 694
    CandG~Jill W :
  695. 695
    Sara and Alex :
  696. 696

    i follow you on twitter (aaj83) and i tweeted today

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  697. 697

    I would use it to record my new baby niece. She is adorable.

  698. 698
  699. 699

    Following you DreeG

  700. 700

    I Tweeted this giveaway:
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  701. 701
  702. 702
    Night Owl Mama :
  703. 703
    joannaonthelake :
  704. 704
  705. 705

    I would love this video camera for a trip to the beach with my grandson. As well I could get all kinds of videos in the summer for my grandson.

  706. 706

    Nothing special planned this summer – would just love to capture some of those fleeting childhood moments with my kids.. playing with the puppy, swinging on a tire swing, splashing in the pool, running through the sprinkler…

  707. 707

    I follow!

  708. 708

    I follow on twitter! @mannabsn

  709. 709

    I voted! (mannabsn)

  710. 710

    New tweet:


  711. 711

    Would use it this summer for recording grandkids sports events and recitals.

  712. 712

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  713. 713
  714. 714
    Eighty MPH Mom :
  715. 715
    CandG~Jill W :
  716. 716

    i follow you on twitter (aaj83) and i tweeted today

  717. 717

    I would love to have this for a music festival I’m going to in July!!

    honeybushtea at


  718. 718

    Email subscriber!

    honeybushtea AT

  719. 719

    I have 4 kids and millions of memories in the making. I’d use this to capture countless memories of them!

  720. 720

    Following you on twitter.

  721. 721
    Night Owl Mama :
  722. 722

    My family will be spending time biking, boating, kayaking, going to the beach, picnicking and fishing. I’d love to win this to record it all!!

  723. 723

    Blogged about this giveaway HERE

  724. 724

    Tweeted HERE

  725. 725

    I’m following

  726. 726

    Added your button HEREt

  727. 727

    Following on Twitter

  728. 728
    joannaonthelake :
  729. 729

    New tweet:


  730. 730

    There are several things I would love to have this video camera for… the first being that a Great-Niece will be born in July and I would love to record her arrival, and I have to wonderful Grandsons that love to swim and perform for the camera and having a video camera would make it all that much better…still shots of them diving into the pool, etc can not be nearly as good. Plus my two Fur Babies are always making me laugh and I have been wanting to record their antic so that I can turn in a video to Funniest Home Videos for years now. So this camera would be a blessing to me. Thanks for the chance to win.

    prpldy (at)

  731. 731

    I follow you on twitter… user name PRPLDY and tweeted:

    prpldy (at)

  732. 732

    I follow your blog publicly through blogger.

    prpldy (at)

  733. 733

    Button is on my sidebar on my blog

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    Your on my blog roll.

    prpldy @

  735. 735

    I follow you on twitter… user name PRPLDY

    prpldy (at)

  736. 736

    Toni I REALLY want this camera and I made this video for you:

    prpldy (at)

  737. 737
  738. 738
  739. 739
  740. 740
  741. 741

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  742. 742
  743. 743
  744. 744
  745. 745
  746. 746
    Sparkles&Strawberries :

    My husband is leaving this summer for RANGER SCHOOL! He will be missing a ton of our very memorable memories. He will miss my b-day, our very FIRST ann., Our sons SECOND birthday (he also missed his birth and his first birthday due to traning he couldnt get out of) our daughters very first birthday (he also missed her birth, due to annual traning) And we still dont know if he will be able to be home for Xmas this year in the Harris house hold because his unit is activated. I would love to tape a lot so that he could feel more involved with out children and watch them grow the way I do every day. He works very HARD to provide for our family, but that means being away a lot more than being home for financial means. I gotta say it would be pretty darn handy for us. Hes missed so much already.

  747. 747

    New tweet:


  748. 748
    Night Owl Mama :
  749. 749
  750. 750
  751. 751

    my baby graduates from college this summer and that difinitely needs to be recorded.

  752. 752

    following blog thru RSS Google

  753. 753

    following you on twitter

  754. 754

    faved on technorati bettycd

  755. 755
  756. 756

    Daily tweet for yesterday; your page was down.
    [email protected]

  757. 757
  758. 758

    following on twitter (posted about taping sister’s reception earlier)

  759. 759
  760. 760

    If I had any grandchildren (hear that boys) I would record every minute I could. Since I don’t, I would use this camera to take pictures of my family, our vacation — yet to be determined, and I would love a nice video of my son’s new house. Daily however there are cat “antics” around here that would be hilarious to record too.

  761. 761
    joannaonthelake :
  762. 762
    joannaonthelake :

    I have a new blog and I have added your button to my blog

    [email protected]

  763. 763
    joannaonthelake :
  764. 764
  765. 765
    littlepurpleroom :

    We have finally finished building our house, just my husband and me. Our 4 hands are the only ones to have done everything here.
    We dug a well, put in a rain catchall system with 16 barrels put up a 12 x 24 greenhouse we are growing veggies in, strawberry beds and will be putting in more raised beds and building a chicken tractor.
    We brew or own beer and wine. make our bread, yogurt,cheese and soy milk.
    I would LOVE to make short videos this summer showing what we have done and the projects we are working on.
    I think the time has come to do what we can for ourselves and to youtube vids showing it’s not so hard to be self reliant would be a contribution I could make.

  766. 766

    I would film our family get togethers, our trips, our camping trip and our travel to two conventions.

  767. 767

    I follow you on Twitter, I’m patperiod

  768. 768

    I’ve got you faved at Technoari, I’m patperiod

  769. 769
  770. 770

    I sure could use this to take all those photos of my children and grandchildren. And we have a full family get together on the 4th of July so it will be my brothers and their families with us. I sure hope I win. Thanks for the great prize!

  771. 771

    to record some of the wonderful places i hope to visit thanks for the giveaway minsthins at optonline dot net

  772. 772
  773. 773
    Eighty MPH Mom :

    I am cracking up as I RT this – you know why:

    5-23 RT

  774. 774

    by BF’s DD has a dance recital in June and she starts soccer in July! We would love to have some of that on video to show her when she gets older as well as for ourselves!

  775. 775

    i follow you on twitter (id: aaj83) and tweeted today

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  776. 776
    CandG~Jill W :
  777. 777
    Night Owl Mama :
    todays tweet
    nightowlmama at comcast dot net

  778. 778

    i follow you on twitter (id: aaj83) and tweeted today

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  779. 779

    I really want to document the remodeling of the Stone House project and get my grand-daughter as she plays in the grass for the first time this summer.

  780. 780
  781. 781

    Following on blogger

  782. 782
  783. 783

    I have your button in my roll:

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    joannaonthelake :
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    New tweet:


  790. 790
  791. 791

    RT: (it is my anniversary so I am hoping this brings good luck):
    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  792. 792
  793. 793
    Eighty MPH Mom :
  794. 794

    I would like to win this so I can take it with us to Niagra Falls. It will be our first vacation in over 20 years! We just never seem to have the time or money to get away but we are finally going to just do it!

  795. 795

    Follow you on Twitter


  796. 796
  797. 797

    I subscribe via email

  798. 798
    Seeryus Mama :
  799. 799

    I will actually be officiating a wedding for some friends and it would be cool to record it.

    [email protected]

  800. 800

    No vacations – just want to record my girls growing up. Pictures just don’t do them justice. My 3 year old starting dance lessons – her first dance recital. My 22 month old growing right out of babyhood.

  801. 801

    Just tweeted! (thequeenmommy)

  802. 802

    I Tweeted this giveaway:
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  803. 803

    i have a 90 yo mom, a sis, 6 nieces and nephews, 9 grandnieces and nephews, 2 great great grandnephews. my dh and i are planning to go visit her this summer. i would like a camcorder to use while interviewing her about family history. while an oral history would be good one with video would be even better. my older sister and dad died about 30 years ago. she has their histories before my sister and i came along.

  804. 804
    Night Owl Mama :
    todays tweet
    nightowlmama at comcast dot net

  805. 805
    joannaonthelake :

    Here’s a new tweet for this lovely Memorial Day

    [email protected]

  806. 806
  807. 807
  808. 808
  809. 809

    I would use the camcorder to record my kids all summer. These years will be gone in no time and I’d love to be able to watch them whenever possible!

  810. 810
  811. 811

    I follow your blog! mmm hmm… I do!

  812. 812

    I also subscribe to your blog thru google reader!

  813. 813

    I follow you on twitter!

  814. 814

    My grandson will be born in four weeks!! I am so excited – can you tell?? ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no video camera, and this would be a joy to have, to capture all the memories of his childhood.

  815. 815

    Now for the important part… I would really love to get my little girl’s first day of school on video. She’s my first and it’s going to be a special moment.

    So there you go!


  816. 816
  817. 817
  818. 818

    I travel at least twice a year meeting up with a great group of friends I’ve met over the years. I would love this video camera to make movies of all the silly things we do when we get together. (like the karaoke singing)

  819. 819

    I’m following you on Twitter.

  820. 820
  821. 821
    tiffanybeth :

    this would be cool for vacations

  822. 822
    tiffanybeth :

    blog follower

  823. 823
    tiffanybeth :
  824. 824
    Eighty MPH Mom :
  825. 825

    Love to record July 4th and the other holidays with my extended family!

  826. 826
    CandG~Jill W :
  827. 827

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  828. 828
    Night Owl Mama :
    nightowlmama at comcast dot net

  829. 829

    We’re planning a road trip to Vegas, I’ve never been there before and I’d love to bring this along, what a great way to document the journey!

  830. 830

    I follow on Blogger

  831. 831

    I voted for you as hottest mommy blogger!!

  832. 832
  833. 833
  834. 834
    joannaonthelake :
  835. 835
  836. 836

    Well…This summer we’ll start on our 4th annual haunted house. Getting everything ready for opening Oct. 1st. We would use this camcorder to film the gruesome ‘movies’ we plan to play on a large screen outside of the haunted house. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  837. 837
    Mommas in the House :

    I would use this record the birth of my second child. Ours just broke and we have not been able to replace it.

  838. 838
  839. 839
    Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry :

    I would love to capture my children this summer using their water guns and chasing each other around the yard. I’m so fortunate that my 7 year old and 11 year old still enjoy playing with one another :). We’ll be visiting a lot of friends and family members this summer during our road trips, and I’d like to get this on camera as well. Our camcorder is so incredibly old, large and doesn’t charge well, so a new camera would be a blessing.
    Thanks for such an incredible giveaway!

  840. 840
    .?.Charlotte.?. (Life's a Charm!) :

    we would be going for a trip to florida this summer and we will be boating and fishing and have picnics. this is a great giveaway to capture the memories this summer!
    charm 32 @ y mail . com

  841. 841
    .?.Charlotte.?. (Life's a Charm!) :

    we would be going for a trip to florida this summer and we will be boating and fishing and have picnics. this is a great giveaway to capture the memories this summer!
    charm 32 @ y mail . com

  842. 842
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    faved in technorati

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    .?.Charlotte.?. (Life's a Charm!) :

    faved in technorati

  856. 856
    Eighty MPH Mom :
  857. 857

    To film my grandkids playing and my new grandkid’s birth.

    [email protected]

  858. 858
  859. 859
    Night Owl Mama :
    nightowlmama at comcast dot net

  860. 860

    I would plan on using this camera to film a reality series show that I am doing for my website Penny Pinching Diva.

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    msshadiggy {at}

  861. 861
    joannaonthelake :
  862. 862
  863. 863
  864. 864
    Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish :

    Ok I would use this camera to capture my 15 month old twins and in the process capture my son (one of the twins) finally walking. I missed my oldest taking his first steps as I was a working mom at the time and he was in daycare. I missed a lot with my oldest which sucks! So I would love to capture my youngest first steps. My daughter has been cruising for months now and the only video I have of her is my cell phone. How sad it that! So this would be perfect.

  865. 865
    Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish :

    I’m already a stalker in a reader and blogs I follow.

    karieherring (at) gmail (dot) com

  866. 866
    Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish :

    I’m a twit……a tweeter

  867. 867
    Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish :

    Duh I follow you


    Thanks to my sister @BrittanyGreer5

  868. 868
    Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish :


    Karieherring is my user name

    karieherring (at) gmail (dot) com

  869. 869
    Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish :

    Grabbed your button!

    karieherring (at) gmail (dot) com

  870. 870
  871. 871
  872. 872
    Sara and Alex :
  873. 873
  874. 874
    Seeryus Mama :
  875. 875

    May 27 tweet:

    prpldy (at)

  876. 876

    I Tweeted this giveaway:
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  877. 877
    .?.Charlotte.?. (Life's a Charm!) :
  878. 878
    .?.Charlotte.?. (Life's a Charm!) :
  879. 879
    Eighty MPH Mom :
  880. 880
    mary teneyck :

    please sign me up, my camcorder doesn’t always work, its like my cell phone when its in the mood 2 work it does, please sign me up, my kids might not appreciate it, but I’d know I’d will because I’d record what ever my kids do in school outside and in their band concerts and stuff!

  881. 881
  882. 882
    joannaonthelake :
  883. 883
  884. 884
  885. 885
  886. 886
    Eighty MPH Mom :
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    I Tweeted this giveaway:
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I Tweeted this giveaway:
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    .?.Charlotte.?. (Life's a Charm!) :

    5/28 tweet by charm32
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  891. 891
    .?.Charlotte.?. (Life's a Charm!) :

    5/28 tweet by charm32
    charm 32 @ y mail . com

  892. 892
  893. 893
    Night Owl Mama :
  894. 894

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  895. 895

    My son is 15 months and at the fun age and I’m sure he will give me plenty to video this summer! I would definitely have it on him most of the time! Thank you.

    tiffanys819 at gmail dot com

  896. 896

    I follow your blog

    Tiffanys819 at gmail dot com

  897. 897
    Sara and Alex :
  898. 898


    This summer I’m heading down to The Big Easy (New Orleans). I have my autoclub guide book marked and highlighted from here to eternity. I also have the tourism bureau’s maps and brochures. And, best of all, my brother’s co-worker recommended sights to see and restaurants. Any trip though is 50% planning and 50% “take me where the wind blows discoveries”.

    I’d love to capture the city with this JVC recorder.

    I really hope I’m the lucky winner.

    Thanks for the contest ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bye, yall!!!!!

  899. 899
  900. 900
  901. 901
    joannaonthelake :
  902. 902
    Eighty MPH Mom :
  903. 903
  904. 904
  905. 905
  906. 906

    My daughter wants to vlog and become famous. I’m not sure I’m on board with that – she’s 15.

    For the summer, I would probably video the antics of our cats – they can be hilarious. But for the future, I really want to video my younger daughter’s orchestra concerts. The last one I attended really surprised me at how good they were and I couldn’t video it. My digital camera does video, but the batteries were low. What a wasted opportunity.

  907. 907

    Following you on Twitter: CaySedai

  908. 908
  909. 909
    Mabyn Shingleton :

    My head is ‘exploding’ with ideas of how I could use this camera. To start with I would be able to demonstrate products and procedures for various lines I work with. I also put together a Children’s Christmas site that I could update activities on ( My nephew is getting married in June in Texas and we are driving there to meet them. My husband and son are visiting Ireland in September. What a way to capture memories. I would love to make a tape of valuables in our home. However, most probably I would just tape life as I know it and look for humor I can share. Thanks for the sweepstakes!

  910. 910
    Mabyn Shingleton :

    I am following you on Twitter:

  911. 911
    Mabyn Shingleton :
  912. 912
  913. 913
    Jenny in Utah :

    WOW, I need to record my baby’s first steps soon … this would be NICE!

  914. 914
    coriwestphal :

    I’d love to take my kids to the ocean this year. We live in MN. I’d love to capture it on video!

  915. 915
    coriwestphal :
  916. 916
    coriwestphal :
  917. 917
    coriwestphal :

    I’m a follower.

  918. 918
    Kristy Hostetler :

    We are taking our first real family vacation to Upstate New York this summer, and I would love to have it all on tape for the kids! Its going to be aweek of fun!

    Kristy Hostetler
    [email protected]

  919. 919
    coriwestphal :
  920. 920
    coriwestphal :

    I follow you on Twitter: coriwestphal

  921. 921
    coriwestphal :

    Stumbled: coriwestphal

  922. 922
    coriwestphal :

    You are in my Technorati faves: coriwestphal

  923. 923
    coriwestphal :

    I voted for you: coriwestphal

  924. 924
    Sara and Alex :
  925. 925
    Night Owl Mama :
  926. 926
    joannaonthelake :
  927. 927
  928. 928

    I Tweeted about this giveaway:
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  929. 929
  930. 930

    I’d like to video my cat doing her crazy shtick.

  931. 931

    I follow on Twitter as “Smokeysmom”, here’s today’s Tweet:

    [email protected]

    P.S. I love your web site name, JustStopScreaming, LOL! Great name!

  932. 932
    elizabeth p :

    I would use this to video tape me beginning college and the summer vacation to Herkimer to hunt for diamonds. I am queenesperfect @

  933. 933
    Sara and Alex :
  934. 934

    We are going to San Diego this summer for vacation.. I would love to win.. Right now I just use our regular camera to capture 1 minute movie clips.

    cloudspassby78 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  935. 935

    I follow your blog

    cloudspassby78 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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    I follow you on Twitter @notsoperfect2

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    moonshadow43 :

    This summer I plan on spending as much time as possible with my grandchildren (2, 3, and 4 year old) and also recording as much time as I can with them and recording the new arrival of another one.


  940. 940

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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    I would use it for our trip to Lake Tahoe. It is so gorgeous up there.

  944. 944
    Eighty MPH Mom :
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  967. 967

    I have been looking for a camcorder. Too many choices!!! The last one I bought was a JVC in 1986. I still have and all the tapes that I will “transfer” to dvds someday …HAH
    My only daughter is having a daughter in early September. I so want to be able to document their years together for her to enjoy later.
    Thank you so much for giving such a thorough reviw and the opportunity to wind such a great camera!

  968. 968

    I twittered the site and the giveaway today. @debbie858

  969. 969
    CandG~Jill W :
  970. 970
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  973. 973

    I would like to tape my sons graduation so that we can all enjoy it – especially my elderly mom who will be unable to attend due to her poor health.

  974. 974

    I would like to film my son at his new college of choice – which will be hard for me – as it is out of state. He will be missed.

  975. 975

    I would use this camera to remember the times we've had with our children. We have been married 19 years and have always wanted a home at the beach and finally got one a few months ago, I would love to tape things we do together when we go to our beach home and on the boat so they can remember and we can when we get older ; )

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    Sara and Alex :
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    we have so much going on this summer – carnivals, 4th of July vacation to the Lake with my mom, the new baby being born.. it's a busy year!!

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    I just got engaged! I'm sure a lot of memorable moments are in our near future! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1007. 1007
    joannaonthelake :
  1008. 1008

    I would love to win this video camera! We lost all of our family pictures and video (except what was online) in our last move-and while we'll never be able to replace the ones we lost we'd love to be able to make more!

    What a great giveaway!

  1009. 1009

    I follow you on Twitter! (my ID is _MrsM_ )

  1010. 1010
    Knit Purl Gurl :

    I would LOVE this prize! I would use it to record a few things happening this summer : DD is in T-Ball and swimming this summer. DS is in an art show and pottery class. PLUS – We walk for Autism and would LOVE to get video of it this year!!!

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  1023. 1023

    I'd use it to take some video of animals when I visit the zoo. Then, I'd take goofy videos of my dog.


  1024. 1024
    CandG~Jill W :
  1025. 1025
    Eighty MPH Mom :
  1026. 1026

    I would use this to record my baby girl's first birthday, first word, first steps, first vacation…. all of her firsts!!

    isabelle315 (at)

  1027. 1027
    Sara and Alex :
  1028. 1028
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    I'd use it to record the kids this summer at the pool, camping and on vacation.

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  1044. 1044

    We have several birthdays and weekend getaways, I'd like to record.


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    I'm really keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks again for the fabulous giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

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    thanks for the chance to win!
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    Can you delete the last one for me? Thanks!

  1063. 1063
    CandG~Jill W :
  1064. 1064
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  1066. 1066

    I'm taking a trip to Europe (Spain, Italy, France and Malta) and would love to have this camera to film everything!

    [email protected]

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  1068. 1068
  1069. 1069
    Stefanie Hartman :

    This summer I would use this prize to videotape my 4 children, ages 3, 6, 10, and 15 playing and swimming in our pool. I want to record our sweet memories on our travels to the lake and ocean I have planned. Also, to record my pregnancy and birth!!! I love to keepsake my precious children.


    [email protected]

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  1076. 1076
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  1077. 1077

    I would use it for when my daughter and I hang out. She graduates next year so it would be great to have something look at when she's off at college.

  1078. 1078
    joannaonthelake :
  1079. 1079

    We have a family reunion planned for the first time since 2003. We have lost a few family members, but we have also gained several new family members by marriages and babies. On the other side of the family, an uncle I've only seen 4 times is coming for a visit and my daughter will meet him for the first time. A little later, grandbaby #1 will be born!!! It will also be my mother's first great grandchild! We must not forget our birthday girl who will be 93 years young. Yeppers – 93 – not a typo!!! What fun we have planned!!! I would love to have movies of all these wonderful get togethers!!! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  1080. 1080
  1081. 1081
    coriwestphal :
  1082. 1082
  1083. 1083
    NateAndJakesMom :

    I will be in the hospital or recovering from being in the hospital all summer so I would love to have this so I don't miss out on everything… my hubby can tape the kids for me. Pity vote?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  1084. 1084
    NateAndJakesMom :

    I tweeted:

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  1086. 1086
  1087. 1087
    joannaonthelake :
  1088. 1088
  1089. 1089

    My family is going on a massive road trip. We are camping 5 nights in Canada; spending 3-5 days in New York and 2 days in DC. This would be perfect. Thank you


  1090. 1090
    Lower Mitten Kitten :

    Hi – We have a BIG reunion in Iowa this summer. We expect to see more tha 60 members of my hubby's family. A new camera would help captur lots of memeories. Thanks!

  1091. 1091
  1092. 1092
  1093. 1093

    Well, it's not this summer but Aidan is going to Kindergarten this Fall and I'd LOVE to have that thing to capture some of that day.

  1094. 1094

    I follow you in Blogger and get you by email now.

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    You are on my sidebar (under Nearest and Dearest)

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    I also stalk you on Twitter!

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  1098. 1098

    My mother-in-law is terminally ill and lives quite a distance from us in Missouri. We are going to see her this summer and I would love to have a video camera to capture "family" time for my husband.

    I am also an email subscriber.

    Thank you!

  1099. 1099
  1100. 1100
    CandG~Jill W :
  1101. 1101