Why Not Save A Little If You Can!

I have 3 children and it's always fun for us to head to the local waterpark or pack up and head out to some theme park. Unfortunately that can cost a pretty penny but I, as a parent, want my kids to have fun. So why not save and have fun! I don't know about you but if I can get a discount on the Read More »»

Protecting Your Home When You’re Not There And Even When You Are

It goes without saying there are times when you will not be able to be  home, your home will be empty and if you don't take steps to protect it you could be leaving a big calling sign saying "I'm gone, not home, have been gone for awhile, so feel free to make off with my stuff".  I don't know about Read More »»

Kiddie Academy Case Study: Shanie and Judy

Shanie and Judy opened their Kiddie Academy franchise, March of 2009 in Gainesville, Florida. A love of children runs in the family for this mother-daughter team, you'll definitely notice it if you visit their academy. They have been able to combine their two goals -- owning a business and Read More »»

Vacation Hot Spots: The Mississippi Gulf Coast

I am a coastal southern girl. I have grown up in the south and on the coast for 23 of my 32 years. To say I love the area and the surrounding areas would be an understatement. I love to share all things southern and coastal life with my readers so they remember to consider our area when planning Read More »»

Why You Should Consider Buying Over Renting.

We bought our first home back in October 2010, we are coming up on the two years of home ownership and I am thrilled  at saying I am a home owner.  I totally understand there is a season for renting, trust me I have been there until almost two years ago.  I do, however, think when you are at a place Read More »»

Kiddie Academy Case Study: Wendy @KAFranchising

Wendy Barry opened her Kiddie Academy franchise on March 15, 1993  at the age of 35. Her focus on education has proven that the Kiddie Academy’s child care model is not a typical day care. Background: As its first franchisee, Wendy Barry has a long, rich history with Kiddie Academy. Prior to Read More »»

Enter ET’s Hanging With The Stars Sweepstakes

Who doesn't want to hang with the stars?  Can you imagine attending ET's Emmy Gala and rubbing elbows with some of the stars of today?   I don't know about you but I would be ecstatic, something about celebrities and I just mix perfectly like chocolate chip cookies and milk.  This is going to be a Read More »»

It’s All About Customer Service With Global Response

There are things in life that make me cringe and one of those things is bad customer service. Whether in store or on the phone it dampens my view of a company when I have a sour customer service experience. On the other hand when I have a good or great customer service experience it makes me respect Read More »»

Contact Lenses For Cheap

I don’t really know who discovered contact lenses, but whomever it was, gets genius credit from me. Keeping glasses on becomes pesky when you go jogging or lie down and watch a movie. Not to mention sometimes it's hard to find that perfect pair of glasses to compliment your features. So, in my Read More »»

Protecting Your Kids With Baby Swimwear

I love living at the coast with my kids - a trip to the beach is a whole day of free family fun as well as great exercise. I wanted my children to take full advantage of coastal living, so I made sure to teach them how to swim from an early age. However, teaching babies to swim is a Read More »»

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