Go Math! Academy Helps Us Conquer Math In A Fun Way! #HMHAcademy #ad

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Homework can be frustrating for both parents and kids, but what if there were a way to have fun turn making homework a little easier??!! Thanks to Go Math! Academy we are having less frustration and more fun with school work! About Go Math! Academy Go Math! Academy™ is an Read More »»

Get Organized With This Fun Desktop & Laptop Background

Blank Pink Organizer

My desktop background is home to may a file folders.  I have one for current projects, photos, videos, cheer happenings, contracts, invoices, the list really could go on.   I like to stay organized, and calendars are great, I use them all the time.  However, when I am on my computer, I like to be Read More »»

Goodbye Common Sense, Hello Common Core

Talking With Toni

Where did all the age appropriate normal math problems go?  When I went to school it was addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  As you got older things got harder. When you went into Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry (which I never took by the way) it got a little more complicated of Read More »»

Home Buying Checklist


This post made possible by Genworth Financial.  Tips brought to you by me! We became first time home owners back in 2010 and I can't begin to tell you just how much I love knowing my money is going toward something.  That in the end it is going to something that will become mine.  Renting is Read More »»

Make Spring Cleaning A Little Easier With Easy Off #EOSpringCleaning


As the cold weather leaves, and the warm weather comes in, I tend to get an itch to do an overhaul on my house. Getting rid of clothes, toys, and really just giving my house a good clean out. Part of that is doing the nitty gritty, detailed cleaning that I may not do on a regular daily or weekly Read More »»

Using Evernote For Blog Planning & Organization


I have found the best blog planning and organizational tool so far. No, it's not a planner (I know this shocks you with my love for planners), no it's not pen and paper, it's not even a calendar (though I will still use that). This little tool I am talking about is EverNote. I have actually had this Read More »»

Ivy Bridge College $1000 Tuition Giveaway (1/24)

Ivy Bridge

One of the things I have been thinking a lot about lately is going back to school.  When I graduated high school I had every intention of working for 2 years (I was 17 when I graduated), saving some money, and then going to college.  Life had a bit of a different plan for me and I was pregnant with Read More »»

Wet Ones Keep Us Clean & Germ Free {Health}

wet ones

I am excited to announce, I am a Wet Ones ambassador! Wet Ones help keep my family clean and germ free. It's not surprise having two boys and a girl who like to keep up with her big brothers, my life can be a bit (AKA A LOT) messy. Not to mention having school aged kids, going grocery shopping, and Read More »»

Protecting Your Preemie From RSV #ProtectPreemies


RSV is a very serious and scary issues that can affect anyone. You see that little face right there on the left? That was me when I was several months old. I was lucky to grow into a healthy baby because I started life out 2 months earlier than I should have. I was a preemie, born right around the Read More »»

Holiday Clean Up With Glad ForceFlex Bags

Glad ForceFlex

Glad ForceFlex Bags help me clean the mess this holiday season! One of my favorite things about the holidays is getting to spend time with friends and family. That favorite thing can turn into quite the mess. I try to save myself from washing more dishes, which means lots of paper plates, plastic Read More »»

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