Coastal Life: Bloggers Go Coastal With Brandcation On Pensacola Beach, Florida

I have to say I am one lucky gal living a few minutes from the worlds whitest beaches. If you are a blogger, you are in luck, May 4-6, 2012 you too can enjoy the sun and sand that yours truly here experiences about 75% of the year. When I say the beaches, where I am lucky to reside, help you escape Read More »»

Coastal Life: First Annual YS3 Memorial Surf/SUP Fest

Image Courtesy of Shannon Hampton/Innerlight YS3?  I am sure if you are a reader from some places you are wondering what in the world is that.  YS3 = Yancy Spencer III!  Dubbed as the father of gulf coast surfing, Yancy Spencer III touched so many lives both in and out of the water.  The gulf coast Read More »»

Coastal Life: Mardi Gras Happenings

The time for moon pies has arrived. The Mardi Gras 2012 season is in full swing. For this post in the Coastal Life series I thought I would share with you some of the events we have left for Mardi Gras this season. I am going to share with you the surrounding area (Pensacola Beach, Navarre) so if Read More »»

Coastal Life: Stinky’s Fish Camp Review

Never judge a restaurant by its name.  Recently I had the chance to dine  at Stinky's Fish Camp, a new hotspot in the quaint little coastal town of Navarre, Florida.  The name leaves you with a bit of an iffy feeling, though it does spark conversation.  With brunch, lunch, dinner, late night and Read More »»

Coastal Life With A Daily Dose of Toni

Welcome to a new series here on A daily Dose of Toni called Coastal Life.  I grew up living in the sunny throws of Pensacola Beach, I was luck to live right in the heart of the Gulf Coast where we have the world's whitest beaches.  There are so many things I love about where I live which made me Read More »»

Local Happenings: SUP ~N~ Supper

I have to say I am extremely lucky to live in the Florida pan-handle along the gulf coast.  World's whitest beaches, beautiful waters and tourist attractions galore.  I love finding things to do locally because you really can't beat local with the gas prices how they are lately.  I decided I wanted Read More »»

Margaritaville Keeps Me Happy

As you all know (or maybe are just finding out) I went home to Florida for a week and had the awesome opportunity to stop by the Margaritaville Hotel and LandShark bar. So while I am not in the best mood (being back in Arkansas)I figured a little vacation music will keep me happy until I get to go Read More »»

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