Day 17: What Makes You Insecure? What Are Your Proud Of?

30 days about me Well it’s day 17 in the “30 Days About Me Series” we are half way done. I have been a bad host and not commented the last few days due to kids being sick and now it’s hit me. I *think* I am getting over it so I hope to visit all the blogs participating from here on out and comment away.

Today’s prompt is “What is/are your insecurities? What are some things about yourself you are proud of you want to shout it from the mountaintop?” The original prompt was just the first but I am not one who likes to focus on just the negative when there is positive all around. So I added the second part, to make sure we remember the positive.

For me, my insecurity is my body. I wrote a post “No Body Is Perfect: My Struggles With Body Image” a few years ago in hopes that someone who felt like I did would benefit from it. I wish I could say I was over my issues, but I often wonder if I ever will be. At 123 pounds I weigh more now than I ever have in my life and it seems all the “fluff” goes right to my belly and love handles. When I look in the mirror I glance away quickly because the longer I look the more I will point out that is wrong with me.

I will break down in tears, get angry and react in a way more often than not, that is not normal for most people. Usually you just look to see if the outfit you are wearing looks good and that’s that. Not me, I look over every inch to see how the clothing sits. When I leave the house there is always something on the forefront of my mind wondering what people are thinking when they see my belly? I can say I am not where I was years ago because I won’t stop eating, start smoking to curb my appetite, or take diet pills. I do wish I could be comfortable in my own skin the way it is though. So definitely my body is my biggest insecurity. With my parenting following a close second, sometimes I feel like I am not a great parent and I could do things so much better, but that is a whole other blog post.

I am proud to be a born again Christian! I am proud that I from the beginning I have an open mind and heart. If you come into my life I trust you from the start. I am a wonderful friend. I love with everything I have in me. My husband, kids, extended family and friends can atest to this. I am usually a pretty happy person and one to try to look at the bright side of things. My eyes, I love my eyes. I used to hate them but as I get older I love my freckles, maybe it’s because my kids are starting to get them that I appreciate their beauty.

Those are just a few things on my lists. Link up your Day 17 post below and if you aren’t a blogger and want to join in do so in the comments. What are some of your insecurities and great things!?

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  1. 1

    Well you know we are our own worst critic! If I was 123 pounds I would be jumping for joy! I would be running around screaming from the mountain tops! Funny how that works huh? I haven’t seen the 120’s since before kids… But at 150 pounds people would love to weigh that even and I cry about it! It’s a vicious cycle for a woman. But you look amazing and have nothing to be sad about. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 2

      We definitely are our own worst critics, I hope my daughter never goes through this cycle. Thank you for the sweet sweet compliment

  2. 3

    Your beautiful in every way Toni! I understand the insecurities though, I’m the same way. Maybe its cause we hit 30?

    • 4

      Oh my sweet friend, you and I alike is SO many ways. I often wondered if it got worse when I hit the 30’s LOL. Could be. See if you were closer we could be workout partners, I need accountability.

  3. 5

    Oh I’m with you sister. I pray every night that I will wake up in the morning and have the body of Cameron Diaz. Or Julia Roberts. Or Jennifer Aniston. Or anyone with a 6 pack and perky boobs for that matter. x

  4. 9

    I appreciate your super honest post. When I was growing up, I hated my body because I was naturally thin and everyone said I was anorexic. As I got older and carried 9 babies my body filled out and is now 30 pounds larger than I would like it to be. Now, I always feel self conscious because I am no longer the thin person I finally got used to being. It is sad that this world is so hung up on appearance and looks and body image that we cause women to be so insecure in what God has made them. My husband and I have really worked to guard our daughters from those negative images… which sometimes included having to make harsh comments to family who like to make comments about how skinny they are.



    • 10

      Yes I am very careful about my negative views in front of my daughter, always stressing how she is beautiful. She worries b/c she is shorter than others and I always point out the positives in anything negative she might bring up. I don’t want her to deal with the thoughts I do and want her to be happy in herself.

  5. 11

    I love your eyes too! ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re a beautiful person and friend to me.

    • 12

      AWWWW I love your eyes, it’s the one color my eyes don’t change too LOL. You are a BESTIE of mine that’s for sure.

  6. 13

    I agree with parenting, I keep thinking that there is so much more that I could do for them, with them and I just dont get to it!

    • 14

      I hear that, I feel like I fail in so many areas. I just hope the areas I know I am good at overshadow the ones I am insecure about ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 15

    You know, I didn’t put my body, but I really should have. I am always conscious of it. I didn’t have body issues when I was younger. Mine have developed over the last 5 years. I carry my weight in the middle, too. And to weight 123lbs again! You look perfect!

  8. 17

    123…I don’t think I’ve ever seen that number on the scale…unless you meant to type 223; if not, that might give you a coronary, but that’s what I see every day, and I long to be in the 100s again. It’s been so long. I’ve tried so many different things. Medication has done it to me, it’s all medication weight, and there’s not a thing I can do about it. All I can do is look at the scale and cry. At my smallest, I was 140. I only wish I had been able to stay there, but lithium doesn’t allow that. Lithium will make you blow up like a balloon. I don’t even like my eyes, but I love my sister’s eyes. My sister is tiny too, I’ll be surprised when she reaches 110 (and neither of us is tall, but she’s not on the medication). My only securities lie in my acquired knowledge through education…=/

    • 18

      I wish I was secure in the knowledge I acquired through education but I can hardly remember yesterday as it is, remember my education is hopeless it seems (for me anyways)

  9. 19

    I feel like almost all women have body issues. I almost got down to 123 a few years ago and I was overjoyed! It’s good that you only listed two insecurities but had many things you re proud of!

    • 20

      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I am trying more to focus on the positives so my children will do that. I don’t want them focusing on the negatives.

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