Fancy Yancey Coney’s On The Island Offers Great Food and Friendly Service

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Fancy Yancey Coney's On The Islant

Fancy Yancey Coney’s on The Island offers fantastic food, great service, and an easy going atmosphere. We love visiting local restaurants vs. big chain restaurants. Thanks to being a ambassador I got to visit Fancy Yancey Coney’s on the Island and boy were we in for a treat.  With the deal, you can get a $10.00 certificate (off $20 or more) for $4.00, that’s like getting $6.00 of food free! I don’t know about you, but I am game for more food, especially when it’s good food

Fancy Yancey Restaurant dot com

The minute my husband and I walked in; we felt very welcome.  The owner, his wife and a loyal customer all chatted with us, and we instantly felt like this was a place we will frequent quite often, and we hadn’t even tried the food yet!

Seating at Fancy Yancey

Right now they have enough seats for around 20 people, but they also have a bar you can stand at, and they will be adding more seats too soon.

Mural at Fancy Yancey Restaurant

Local artist Thomas J provided an appropriately themed mural that I went on and on about! Just ask my husband!

Fancy Yancey Menu

A simple menu, with items full of flavor, it will tempt every taste bud you have! How does one choose what to order when everything sounds so yummy!

Fancy Yancey Chicken Wings

I decided to go for the wings because I am a HUGE fan of wings, so I wanted to see what they had to offer. I got the medium spiced wings, and they were pure perfection. Just enough heat to get it spicy but not so much that I can’t enjoy my food. No worries, if you don’t care for the spice you can go with the mild, lemon pepper or the Sweet Audrey wings. The sweet Audrey sauce is made from scratch and is delicious! I may or may not have considered drinking it! For those who are brave they offer hot, and the owner, himself, said they can make them as hot as you like!

Chicken Philly at Fancy Yancey's

My husband tried out the chicken Philly and fries. Disappointed we were not! My husbands exact word were “It was amazing”.  A combination of chicken, cheese, Vidalia onions, lettuce, and tomatoes it has put any other Philly sandwich we’ve tried to shame. The food is made fresh (even the burgers, no frozen burgers here y’all) when you order, so at times it may take a little longer, but it’s so worth it!

Fancy Yancey Coney’s On The Island

The owners of Fancy Yancey Coney’s on the Island are fun and friendly, which made our dining experience, even more, enjoyable. A family friendly atmosphere, it will be great for a quick lunch or a family dinner, when you want a night out of the house. After this visit, we know, Fancy Yancey Coney’s On the Island will be a place we visit regularly!

The next time you are vacationing or if you are a local to the Florida Panhandle, be sure to stop into Fancy Yancey Coney’s on the Island for an excellent meal and service with a smile. You will likely walk out feeling like you’ve made a new friend and with your belly full!

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