In 2012 Possible Is All I Need!

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Every year so many people make resolutions. Even I was one of those people, until I realized what a dirty, nasty word resolution is. Resolution according to one of the meanings on Dictionary.Com is “a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.” Essentially saying you are going to do something for the whole year. More often than not I, personally, would tend to carry out a resolution for a very short time and then feel like I failed. That’s when I decided I didn’t like that word, instead I prefer possible or a goal. I am not committing to working to keep a resolution I made but rather working TOWARD a goal or something I know is possible.

So in 2012, I am going BIG & BOLD. That’s the phrase I want my life to encompass and to do that I don’t need easy…I just need possible and a goal to work toward. I want to push myself without the resolution factor hanging over my head. So I am going to share the goals and possible things I have in my head to work toward in 2012!

  • Deepen my relationshop with God!!!!
  • A date night AT LEAST once a month with my husband.
  • One on one time with each child AT LEAST once a month.
  • Steady income on my blog.
  • More blog trips, tasks, contacts.
  • Pay off debts.
  • Fix my teeth.
  • Purge my house of the crap I don’t need but is still here for some reason.
  • Reinvest in the friendships I treasure.
  • Move on and being okay with it from the friendships that are one sided or hurtful
  • Make new friends.  I really need some in real life friends who will be there, who will call me to see if I want to hang out even if the answer may be no.  Sometimes you just want to know someone wants to hang out with you and I get very few of those offers, I’m starting to get a comples LOL..hence the making new friends goal.
  • Make some couple friends, I would really like to have friends that are couples so my husband and I can go out with another couple occasionally and just have couple friends to do stuff with.
  • Get healthier through eating habits and exercise.  This Kinect is going to come in handy here.
  • Remember to remind my kids of their worth every single day.
  • Enjoy life and quit letting the little things stress me out.
  • Remember to have “me” time.
  • Take our family to Disney and of course The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I have so many more things I know are possible this year and I fully intend on accomplishing but I figure this post need not go on quite so long.  I just wanted to share some of the things I know are possible this year for my life.

What about you?  What are some of your “possibles” for 2012?

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Toni is a professional lifestyle blogger living on the sunny Florida Gulf Coast. She has a passion for Disney, Travel, Fashion, Cooking, Tech, Family Fun Ideas, Reviews, Giveaways and loves being able to share that with her readers!

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  1. 1

    I love that you made goals instead of resolutions.

    Happy new year!

  2. 2

    Great list Toni! #2 is on my list as well this year. #3 is something I need to do too.

    Happy New Year Toni!!!

    • 3

      Thanks Karen! I am determined to make this my best year yet. WE had such a rough part of last year and year before I am not accpeting less than the best this year 😉

  3. 4

    Great list Toni!

    I have similar goals in a lot of those same areas.

    Happy New Year and good luck accomplishing all that you strive to.

    • 5

      Thanks Kim! I figure goals are easier to work toward. Trying to keep a resolution seems so much more daunting to me LOL

  4. 6

    I, too, am a goal setter rather than a resolution maker. Love your goals!

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