Kindle 2, Kindle 2, Wherefor Art Thou?

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As you know I am going to BlogHer in July. As you also know I am a HUMONGOUS reader, especially Twilight and Harry Potter. What you may not know is that I read at the speed of light. So my LOOOOOONNNNGGG 8 hour trek I am going to need quite a bit of reading material. Well, I thought about committing a carry on just to books and then realized I could get major back problems trying to carry 11 books for 8 hours during the trip to and from BlogHer. The last thing I need is to have to see a doctor because of my trip to BlogHer.

Lucky for me I came across Julie Stratford’s Kindle 2 Giveaway. She wants us to write why the Kindle 2 will improve my reading habits. Well Julie, I am not sure it will improve my reading habits per say because I already have great reading habits but it will keep me healthy. Image a small framed girl trying to tote her computer bag and a bag full of 11 humongous books through an 8 hour, 2 flight change, plus luggage in the taxi trip. That is not likely to end well.

So you see, Julie, I am praying to the Gods because I need this Kindle 2 so my health can be saved and of course because it will continue to broaden my mind and take me places I may never have ventured too because well, I have no more room for actual books in my home. So Random, Random, pick this blogger to win Julie’s contest. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Julie, I thought waiting until your birthday day when all good things are going to come your way maybe some of that luck will venture onto me. Registered & Protected

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    An Accomplished Woman :

    I have the first kindle and love it. I get the paper every day and read books. Better yet, it interfaces with my iphone. I can read it any where….. LOVE IT


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    Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry :

    I wish you the best luck in the Kindle 2 giveaway! I know how much my mom and sister love theirs, makes it easy buying gifts for them, Amazon gift cards!

  3. 3

    I am a Twlight fanatic! Dropping by to leave my EC and say Hi! Maybe I’ll see you at BlogHer!

  4. 4

    Hmmm one of those would definitely lighten our packing for trips. We’d need two because inevitably hubby would end up wantin to read when I do.

  5. 5

    I have a Kindle and love it more than any other gadget I own ( besides the Blackberry but that’s really more of an appendage) ! Hope luck goes your way cause once you get a Kindle there is no turning back !!

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