Make Spring Cleaning A Little Easier With Easy Off #EOSpringCleaning

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As the cold weather leaves, and the warm weather comes in, I tend to get an itch to do an overhaul on my house. Getting rid of clothes, toys, and really just giving my house a good clean out. Part of that is doing the nitty gritty, detailed cleaning that I may not do on a regular daily or weekly basis. One of the things I tend to put off because it is a little dirty and sometimes hard to do is clean my oven. In the past it was always one of my least favorite tasks due to how much of a pain it was to get the caked on stuff off.

I always did the scalding hot water (which is not good for the hands, it burns…badly…I don’t suggest it) to loosen the caked on/baked on crud and even then it still wouldn’t come completely clean. So, I finally (after years of cleaning the hard way mind you) decided to give Easy Off a try. I know, I know….I should have done this long ago. With rubber gloves and a can of Easy Off in tow, I set out to tackle the bottom part of the oven, which is where the worst mess is. There are so many different ways you can use Easy Off but I decided to go with the quick spot instructions. The other choices are overnight or warm oven. I didn’t want to mess with a warm oven and didn’t want to wait to see how Easy Off worked. Would it really make the yucky come off easy??

A few points to know about Easy Off

  • # 1 Oven Cleaner
  • Powerful formula eliminates baked-on grease and food spills
  • 5x more grease-cutting power than the leading all-purpose cleaner

There are two different formulas to fit your needs:

  • For convenient cleans use Heavy Duty – it cuts through the toughest grease in less than 5 minutes (this is what I tried)
  • Fume Free is safe to use in your self-cleaning ovens and emits no caustic fumes (I may get this one next time to see how the difference is smell and cleaning is)

I sprayed on the cleaner and walked away for a few minutes to do some other things. I can back and saw some of the grease and grime being lifted without any work for me.

Oven Cleaner

Operation clean oven has commenced. I grabbed my rubber gloves, my sponge and began cleaning the cleaner and grime off the bottom of my oven. I was very impressed with how easy the mess lifted off and after I got up as much as I could with a sponge, I grabbed a towel to finish the process. In the end, the bottom of my oven wash looking close to new and I could actually see the oven light reflection again. Easy Off does just what it says…makes the baked on mess come off easy…or at least it did for me. I am ready to tackle the rest of my oven today and see if I can fool anyone into thinking we got a new one!

Clean Oven

Have you started your spring cleaning?

**I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour conducted by Burst Media. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program, but my opinions are my own.**

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    I[‘m definitely in the process of spring cleaning. I am going through clothing, getting rid of anything we haven’t touched in a year, and will have the carpets cleaned, too. As far as the oven, my husband cleans it.
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