Maleficent Review: A Twist To A Classic Disney Tale…Did It Work? #MaleficentEvent




Today is the day you can head to theaters and see Maleficent for yourself.  Today, is also the day I have been waiting for because I can finally share my thoughts on the movie, which I saw last week at the press junket!  I will start by saying….GO SEE IT!  Don’t wait, it’s that good!

Angelina Jolie As Maleficent

This story, is not like Sleeping Beauty, while it does have some important parts from the classic tale, you will leave the theater with a whole new outlook on the characters. While each character, at some point in the movie, stays true to the character seen in Sleeping Beauty, the only ones who really have an almost identical personality are the fairies and Aurora.  There are many plot twists and turns, when the movie ended I was surprised at just how much more I loved it, over the classic.  I went in thinking this would be the classic tale, told from Maleficent’s point of view.  Well, at least up until the end when we all know she dies, in Sleeping Beauty.  Oh how wrong I was.


Maleficent, who starts off as an innocent fairy, endures a betrayal so painful, she is consumed by bitterness and that takes us to the point we all know…the curse on Aurora.


From that only a very few key points, remain true to the classic.  As I watched the story unfold, I was captivated by each character…the good, the bad, and the ones who try to be villians …. but maybe really aren’t.  The movie truly drew me in…every.single.moment.  I laughed, I cried, I got angry, there were so many aspects to the movie it’s hard to believe they were able to fit into just 97 minutes.

Maleficent Fairies

My main concern, going in, wasn’t if I would like it, but would kids be able to handle seeing it.  I know it has a PG rating, and while the trailers and teasers got me super excited, it did leave me worrying it might be a little dark for kids.  I have to say I know beyond a shadow of a doubt my kids (9, 11, and 14) will LOVE this movie.  I have a feeling my boys are going to like it more than they will be willing to admit.  My daughter, who is the 9 year old, I think will love it as well, but there are a few scenes I think she will want to be close to mommy for.

To me, there was nothing scary, but rather a few intense scenes that may startle kids who are more sensitive, like my daughter.  The closest comparisons I can give you are the darker scenes in Brave or maybe the tornado and/or fight scenes in OZ the Great & Powerful.  My daughter loved both those movies, but the first time she saw them she did hold my hand through those scenes, and I think that is how a few of the scenes will play out when we go see Maleficent together, this Sunday.

Maleficent 1

Maleficent is a beautifully written and directed movie, with a lesson that touched my heart.  It was not at all what I expected, it was MUCH BETTER than I expected.  The cast who were chosen to play the parts, could not have been more perfect.  Each one of them looked as if they took on the roles with such ease, almost as if this were the exact role they were made for.  I left the theater wanting to see it a hundred more times.  I’ll start by going this weekend!

What about you?  Will you be going to see Maleficent this weekend??


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