Mother’s Day or Fathers Day?

I wasn’t quite sure which it was on May 11. I was up at 6:30 a.m. cleaning while my lovely husband got to sleep in til almost 8:30. When he wakes up he heads straight for the shower while I finish cleaning the boys bedroom and get the 2 little ones ready. Hmm I think he must have forgotten who’s special day it was supposed to be. I will return the favor on Fathers Day.

Finally I just told him to take the kids to get donuts so I could at least enjoy a bath on Mother’s Day for a minute. No card, cleaning house, up at the crack of down, yeah that is just what I wanted my mothers day to start off like. So after I get ready we get in teh van for the 2 hour ride to his grandmothers making sure to stop and get his mom a card on the way (btw she is absolutely one of the best moms I know next to my own)

We get down there and eat lunch with his family and then visit for awhile. Then Brent and I go to see Made of Honor and it was a cute movie. We then head back to his moms to visit for a bit, which this is when I check my voicemail and have a message from my friend Quincy that had a stroke and it just touched my heart to hear her voice. So that was one of the best presents (well one of the only LOL) I got that day, the other is a flower seed thing I get to plant from Gabriel, I hope I can make it last and actually grow. Then we head home and spend the rest of the evening watching Survivor finale and Desperate Housewives.

I was disappointed he didn’t have a card and didn’t wake up early to tell me to go back to bed that he would clean up the house, I guess I will need to start training him now for next year so I don’t face the same disappointment.

Anyways here are some pictures we took on Mothers Day! Hope your Mothers Day was a great one!

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    Oh you have such a BEAUTIFUL family!

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    Thank you so very much!

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