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Toning It Up With Toni & #YourShape: Drink That Water

It's the beginning of week 4 in the Your Shape Challenge so welcome to my Week 3 Wrap up. This week I only got to work out ONE day. Yes you read that correct one day...though I did up it from 15 minutes to 30! Jenny is cruising for a bruisin' at the end of that 30 minutes if I had one ounce of Read More »»

Quotable Sunday: Books

Hi everyone! To all my readers thanks for stopping by this Sunday and to all my Quotable sunday Participants thank you for joining in. I love reading your quotes each week! I am an avid book lover so this week my quotes are all about books. Please if you are reading this week feel free to join Read More »»

I Adore Cover Girl’s Smoky Eye Kit #smokyeyes

Cover Girl Smoky Eye

As most of you know (well those who know me anyway) I am a HUGE fan of all things makeup.  In the last year I did the unthinkable and cleaned out my makeup bags.  I got rid of over 300 pieces of makeup.  What can I say I have an addiction to things that are pretty.  Well never fear I was left Read More »»

Fashionista Friday: My Dream Shoe(s)


My first time joining in Fashionista Friday and I thought I would post a picture of my dream shoes.  Of course I have plenty more dream shoes this is just the beginning.  No explanation needed why I want to own these: Oh those red soled shoes, how they call to me.  So now that I have shared Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: My Favorite Tattoo


I have 4 tattoo's so far (yes I said so far because I want more eventually, maybe) but this by far is my favorite.  I have had it about 2 years now and it is my pride and joy as far as my art goes. It pretty much takes up a quarter of my back on the bottom and goes from one side to the Read More »»

Starring Me: I Saw The Sign (and it made me do this)

Starring Me

So because I know you all miss my crazy videos, I figured instead of Tooshie Shakin Toni (though it does have a catch to it), my nutty dances and lip syncing video post will be title.... Starring Me. Very original I know, just go with it. So to start of the Starring Me series I bring you Ace of Read More »»

Toni’s Tidbits: Mardi Gras, TV Reruns and Work

Hey y'all! It's Moi with the tidbits going on in my head. Today I am telling you all about going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras in about 2 weeks. What television reruns I watch daily and all about what annoys the crap out of me at work. Sorry to bust the bubble of those hoping I would really Read More »»

Mommy & Bella’s First EVER Snow Angels


Yes, I am 30 years old and I have never built a snow angel.  So my daughter Bella and I set out around Christmas (which means I totally flaked on getting this up quickly), to make our first ever snow angels together.  I tried to get the boys and the hubs to do one to no avail, the boys were too Read More »»

Toning It Up With Toni & #YourShape : Week 2 Wrap Up

Well it's the end of Week 2 of the YourShape 3 month challenge and this week, frankly put, I sucked. Hey we are all allowed to have a sucky week right? However today I wanted to talk to you about cookbooks. I think with nutritional values being so hard to figure out with recipes (it's kind of a Read More »»

Quotable Sunday: Scriptures

Welcome to Quotable Sunday, every week on Sunday myself along with others around the blog world share some or our favorite quotes. Everything from movie quotes, scriptures, song lyrics and any quote out there is shared. If you would like to join in we would love to have you! All you need to do is Read More »»

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