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Quotable Sunday 6/28/09

Hey everyone welcome to Quotable Sunday, you know what to do. Post a post on your blog with one or more of your favorite comments, come back here and link to it in mister linky and then go visit the other participants throughout the day.Today my quotes are about God who is the one I turn all my Read More »»

Anonymous Commentors Love ME

They love to give me pages views because they are always commenting on my posts. Keep them coming I love you for them :). Even I don't visit and comment on the blogs I don't like because I don't want to up their stats that's blogging lesson 101. What am I talking about you ask my fellow Read More »»

Summer Camp is Calling and It’s Not Cheap

My oldest son is going toand let me tell you it's not cheap. We are so close and yet so far away. He only needs about $300 more to finish out what he owes. So what do I do...I blog, yes I blog asking for donations! Why because a church summer camp is something my son loves to do and we can't Read More »»

As If I Needed Anymore Reason To Love NKOTB

I actually got a lump in my throat and had tears streaming down my face. A great tribute to the King of Pop. Thank you NKOTB for not only keeping fans happy but remember those who paved a way so you could be all that you are to your fans. Read More »»

Aloha Friday #17: A Tribute of Sorts

It is with heavy heart that I post this Aloha Friday. As many of you now know yesterday, two icons in our world passed away. Farah Fawcett passed away after a long battle with the horrible disease cancer and Michael Jackson died from cardiac arrest. It was such a shocking and sad day for the world Read More »»

Taboo Thursday: Interrupted S-E-X

Today's Taboo Thursday is all about S-E-X. In this anonymous interview a southern belle tells you about a little situation that happened to her and her husband when they wanted to have a little alone time. Please watch the following interview and then weigh in with your answers.So now it's time Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: My Angels

These faces are what keeps them out of big trouble :) Read More »»

Tuesday’s Tidbits: Spankings, Blogher and Vacation

Today's Tidbits is all about Jon and Kate, Spanking, BlogHer and Guest Bloggers Woo Hoo!So go ahead and weigh in with your thoughts on everything I gabbed about today. What do you think of Jon & Kate's annoucement, surprised or not?How do you discipline your child?Where are you planning to vacation Read More »»

Weekend Rewind: Cleaning, Mexican Food, and Sunburns

Here in the home of A Daily Dose we are moving with caution today. After a long weekend of garage cleaning out, Mexican food and a 3 hour trip to the local aquatic center we are a bit tender.It all started on Saturday. You see we have a teensy one car garage here and basically had a house full of Read More »»

Quotable Sunday 6/21/09

Hey Hey, it's that time again. Welcome back my wonderful regulars and if you are an awesome first timer, welcome and we hope you will join in as a regular. If you are new and wondering how to participate here is how you join in:~Post one or more of your favorite quotes (this can be a saying, Read More »»

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