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Cancer Is Pissing Me Off

The bright smile, the joy in his eyes.  A true all American boy.  A life lived in faith and trust in God.  You look at him and know he has everything ahead of him.  Graduation, Prom, College, a Career, Family.  For Ian Lockwood these things will never happen because he was a life taken too Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Twihards

So this was Christmas day with my mom and my little sisters. We all got matching shirts for the upcoming breaking dawn premiere this year. Yes we are a bunch of TWIHARDS! Link up your WW posts below. And have a great Wednesday! Read More »»

Talking With Toni: I’m Baaaaack

Yes Yes I know you have missed them dearly, my vlogs. It's been much too long so while I get back into the swing of things I thought I would share a little of what has been going on with me the last 5 months since our moved. Some good times, some bad, and some scary but they are all part of what Read More »»

Link Up Your Giveaways 1/20/11

It's time folks, yes I slacked last week and for that I am sorry but never fear linky is here! Go ahead and link up those giveaways from around the web. Please use the format when linking or I will delete Line 1: Site name, giveaway, end date Line 2: Url to the giveaway NOT the main site Read More »»


That is all... A 90's boy band fan dream. One can dream of this concert, by the way if anyone from NKOTB or BSB are reading this and feel like you want me to attend I won't turn down the offer. If I had to sit through a concert of two of my fave boy bands I may could muster the energy. Now Read More »»

Even In Tough Times You Just Have To Laugh

Well sometimes that is all you can do right? I am talking about laughing. My family is truly at what I would think of as bottom (well will be in a few weeks if something big doesn't happen). To put it bluntly, after I pay my bills we will have no money to pay anything with, get gas with, Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: We Have Glasses

Bella is now part of the glasses club. She pulls them off beautifully and very diva like if you ask me. Link up your WW posts below so I can check them out. Read More »»

What Verizon Lacks That Makes iPhone Worth Having

As I mentioned yesterday, Verizon is FINALLY getting access to the iPhone so now they can have happy customers like us AT&T folks.  While they will have the bragging rights of less dropped calls there are two things lacking that really are what make the iPhone worth having. The speed, as proven Read More »»

iPhone 4 News: Verizon Customers Can Finally Be Cool Like Me!

The much anticipated has happened, Verizon now has the iPhone 4 for pre-order.  Available 2/10/11. All those Verizon customers can now experience the joy of having a 4th child the iPhone 4 like I (and the millions of other AT&T customers) have.  This gadget is a love to me, it goes where I go Read More »»

Best Play Ever: War EAGLE!!!!

National champs baby! Okay okay we all know what an Auburn fan I am right, so needless to say I was more excited than I have been in a long time after last nights game. So today I just want to share with you what in my opinion is the best play ever in football! And now I shall go buy that Read More »»

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