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Cancer Survivor Dinner Photos

I had the amazing opportunity to dance at as well as photograph at the Relay For Life Cancer Survivor Dinner last week.  It was such a moving experience and I hope to continue to be involved for years to come.  I wanted to share some of the photos here on my blog of the decorations and such as well Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Deer In Headlights

When we went to NY the family we stayed at had this hat and you know I just had to. Though this is one fashion I will not be leaving the house in. Now link up your WW so I can head over and visit. Read More »»

Bullying: When Is It The Parent’s Fault?

Watch the vlog below to hear my thoughts and see what I have to say... So when is a parent to blame? We all (okay not all but most that I know) try to raise kids to treat others how you want to be treated and when they see (me included) their child or know they are treated someone badly, step in. Read More »»

Thursday Giveaway Link Up

Time to link up those giveaways you have going on. Every Thursday here at A Daily Dose we have a linky for you to add current giveaways to. It's great for getting the word out there (for free) about your current contests. And enter some while you are at it. Here at my place I have two giveaways Read More »»

I Hate My Life, I Wish I Were Dead! Tween Moments!

So as per the usual school day mornings, we are rushing around getting everyone ready.  Surprisingly even though I woke the kids up a little later and they had to leave earlier things are going somewhat smooth.  Cue turning off Spongebob so they actually finish getting ready.  When Spongebob is on I Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Brothers.

I just love the sweetness of this picture of my two boys. See sometimes they do get along. Don't forget to link up your WW posts below so I can check them out.  And don't just link up and run, that's no fun.  Comment away and I will do the same! Read More »»

“Hop” On Over To Theaters April 1st! Movie Prize Pack Giveaway! (4/1)

Giveaway is now closed!  Congratulations Ashley!  Winner also listed on Winner Page under the about section. I don't know about you and your kids but I can atest that myself and my kids alike are so excited for April 1 to get here.  No not so we can pull pranks and not get in trouble for them Read More »»

When Did Real Housewives (O.C.) Turn Naughty Naughty???!!!

Okay I admit one of my very guilty pleasures is watching most of the Real Housewives shows (Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York, Miami).  I don't really care for the New Jersey or Atlanta or D.C.  I am however addicted to OC out of all of them.  Something about watching the girls act a fool in Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Lions, Tigers, Rabbits Oh My!

Yesterday we did Bible Stories in the park and this was the PreK-5th grade story, Noahs ark. It was a fun interactive way to share the gospel and minister to those in the area. The kids loved being the animals on the ark. Two of mine were animals (the lion and rabbit). It was so much fun for Read More »»


I have some major, life changing exciting news to share. You didn't think I was just going to type it out did ya? Well I want you to have to hear it not read it so....... WAHOOOOOOO is all I can say. Big changes to my family! Who is ready to dance around and be happy! Times they are a Read More »»

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