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Born To Impress: Keeping Girls Girly Review & Giveaway

Contest is Closed Winner will be announced Shortly!As most of you know I am a mom of a little princess and when I say princess I mean princess. Yes she is rough and tough like her brothers but she is also one of the girliest girls you will ever meet. From makeup to dresses she prances around like Read More »»

Sleep Is Something We all Need, We Can’t Function Well Without It

Sleep is very important in the life of anyone I would like to go one step further and say extra important in the life of a mom. After all when you run a household, work a part time job and have to run after kids if you aren't getting enough sleep well then you are going to be gripey and short Read More »»

Hello My Name Is Toni and I am Going Crazy

My children are my life as I am sure most parents are the same about their children. Right!But sometimes parenting is really hard and trying and just takes it out of you. My oldest son has done just that. Lately he has had the worst attitude I have ever seen out of a child and I just don't know Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: My Little Angel

Errrr well she really is an angel :)Put your WW Wednesday link in Mr. Linky below and I will head over and check it out! Happy Wednesday! Read More »»

Tuesday’s Tidbits With Toni…Hubby Funny and JPAT winner

Congrats to WindyCindy for winning the Zipped Pouch from Jpat purses!So what are some things your hubby does that makes you giggle or roll your eyes??? Read More »»

Snorg Tees: The Personality Tee

When Extraordinary Mothers had the chance to do a mega review of the Snorg Tees I was so excited. Having stumbled upon Snorg Tees in the past I just knew I would love what they had. I knew I would have a hard time deciding which tee to sport that is until I came across this shirt:"Will Work for Read More »»

Vado Gets My Vote

I recently had the chance to review a Vado (is that pronounce Vay or Vah I say Vah I so hope that is right LOL). Here is my vlog on the Vado Vs. Flip:I hope you enjoyed my vlog on the Vado. Now for a few key points that I already covered in the vlog but I want to reinforce because I think they are Read More »»

Quotable Sunday 3/21/09

Hey fellow quoters and newbies! Before my quotes of course, the rules.~ Post some of your favorite quotes on your blog in a new post.~ Head back here and add it to Mr. Linky~ Go visit all the other awesome quoters today.Today my quotes are on Self respect. Something everyone needs but not enough Read More »»

You know A DAily Dose of Toni Loves a Good Party

So you know I am all excited about 5 Minutes for Mom's Ultimate Blog Party. Anytime I can get my dancing shoes on and put down a good jigg makes me happy. I am always amazed at how 5 Minutes for Mom out does themselves every time they do a new party. If this is your first time heading over to my Read More »»

Last Night at Work I Was So Scared!

>And it made me think about so many things. The just of what happened was there was something that had been told to one of the higher ups that supposedly last night there was a gang iniation going to happen and the initiation was to go to one of the stores in our area and kill 5 females. I had Read More »»

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