Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars
Best Blueberry Cheesecake recipe
Salad and trail mix

Anniversary Getaway

My parents were so so kind and gave us our first getaway since we have been married. On Tuesday it will be eight years for us and as a gift they sent us to a gulf front room. They took our kids so this is the first anniversary overnight trip we have had ever. This was the view from out balcony when Read More »»

Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowls @

Movie night has now become less messy.  My family loves a good movie night, weekend movie marathon, or a me moment of movie time while kids are at school.  Being the movie buff that I am it has to be with all the trimmings.  Trimmings = Popcorn. Usually when I pop the popcorn it's a bit messy in one Read More »»

Giveaway Link Up 2/10/11

Time to get those giveaways listed. Every Thursday (usually) I host a linky here so you can get the word out about those giveaways you have going on. It's a great way to advertise for free! Please use the following format when entering your links/giveaways Line 1: Site Name, Giveaway, End Read More »»

Fun Socks Make Everything Better

Hearts and flowers make me smile. It's the small things sometimes that remind us to smile and be thankful. Don't you agree? What are some things that are a little out of norm that remind you to be thankful? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Flashback to My Youth

Yep, that's me...Toni, and as you can see I am a natural blonde. So now I really can use that excuse if I need too LOL. I have to toot my own horn and say I was pretty darn cute as a little girl. Link up your WW posts below so I can check them out! Happy Wednesday Read More »»

Hypocrisy In Friendship Annoys Me BUT….

Plainly put anyone who has the nerve to come to me and say something about being a friend to them and yet says it while being a total hypocrite loses my respect.  No no it's not something current going on (just wanted to clear that up right away). I had to boil down a bit before I posted this Read More »»

Valentine’s Fun With Nestle Family

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I wanted to share with you some super fun ideas from Nestle Family for this Valentine's Day.  Edible Valentine's cards, yummy treats and fun add ons to send with your kiddo to school when it's valentine card swap day. Valentine Cookie Cards A fun twist Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Family Friends Forever

One of my favorite pictures.  It's from around 6 years ago and it's my oldest, Gabriel, and my two little sisters.  They are a year apart (now 10, 11, & 12).  This is such a sweet picture and I hope this is how they will be through the rest of their lives. Link up your WW post below :) Read More »»

Life As I Know It

Involves this And catching up on Grey's Anatomy. It's a hard life today. Jealous? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Read More »»

Cancer Is Pissing Me Off

The bright smile, the joy in his eyes.  A true all American boy.  A life lived in faith and trust in God.  You look at him and know he has everything ahead of him.  Graduation, Prom, College, a Career, Family.  For Ian Lockwood these things will never happen because he was a life taken too Read More »»

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