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Starring Me: Cotton Eyed Joe

I know I know I am shamed, it's been too long since I did a little jig on my blog. Well I don't have time to do a full song today so I figured I could wet your taste buds with a short little dance. It's not the same I know but it's better than nothing yet...and you know you miss THE ORIGINAL dancing Read More »»

Easy Lunchboxes Review and Giveaway

Easy Lunchboxes

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! As a mom with 2 children in school who are sometimes very picky about what they eat, meaning 3/4 of the time they want a home packed lunch rather than the one the school has, I am always looking for a way to make lunches more efficiently.  Along comes Easy Read More »»

Quotable Sunday: Easter

Hello everyone and Happy Easter! Welcome to this weeks Quotable Sunday! Today my quotes are all about Easter. Easter is a very important day for me and my family. The day Jesus rose from the grave after dying to take on my sins so that when I die I might live eternally with him in Heaven. I Read More »»

Toning It Up With Toni: Wrapping Up The #Yourshape Challenge

Hey everyone we are into week 12 of the Your Shape Challenge. I have had such a great time. This post is a combined week 11 & 12 post. Our challenge for Week 11 was to do a healthy meal and whrrl our story. I love to eat seafood and unless drenched in butter or batter fried it's not bad for Read More »»

Thursday’s Contest Round Up: Link Up Your Giveaways

Hey y'all it's Thursday so it's time to link up those contests/giveaways here on A Daily Dose with A Weekly Dose of Giveaways. Every Thursday you can link up any contest (yours or one you want to promote) from around the web. It's a great way to spread the word about those giveaways out Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: A Child’s Hands

Aidan Flower

I took this picture of Aidan, my middle child, holding this flower and it was so precious to me. Link up your Wordless Wednesday below, for more WW check out Momma Findings, WWHQ and 5 Minutes for Mom Read More »»

Where Will I Be In Two Weeks? At Bon Jovi

Well Hello there this Tuesday Morning. I know you have missed "talking" with me so here in another Talking With Toni segment, otherwise known as rambling on about whatever I want, I am sharing with you some BIG NEWS that is happening in 2 week. What is this big news you ask? Well a proper lady Read More »»

Raw Emotions: A Rant Post *This Is Your Warning*

Picture 5

As a parent I could not imagine not seeing my children for several days let alone years.  If something kept me from being able to see them for long periods of time  I would be calling them and treasure the times I knew I would get to see them. Also as a child, having parents that love me and help Read More »»

Quotable Sunday: Helping

If you haven't already read (up there in my feature section) I am hoping to help out a dear friend who has been having a VERY hard time in her life. One thing after another seems to be going wrong for this sweet sweet woman. So today my quotes are on helping. It shouldn't be tragedy that makes us Read More »»

HELP NEEDED: Please Read and Spread The Word (SERIOUS)

Picture 4

I don't do a lot of posts asking for help on my blog because I don't want my readers rolling their eyes at a post and saying "Here she is asking for help yet again". My blog isn't a way to gain traffic from tragedy.   Therefore I save posts like these for charities and situations close to my heart Read More »»

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