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Wordless Wednesday: Fun With Cake

Cake Fun

My two boys and little sister wanted to smash their faces with cake (definitely a kid thing) so of course it's making a Wordless Wednesday! Now kinda makes me want to do that with raw brownie batter... Go ahead and link up your Wordless Wednesday posts below so I can head over and check them out! Read More »»

Moving Is Making Me A Wee Bit Crazy


Well not that I didn't have a little bit of insanity already but moving I think is making me even more crazy.  I know I know you think that's not possible (totally almost typed pissable right then).  But I assure you it is.  I pack and pack and pack and pack then turn around and it looks as if Read More »»

#HomeHer10 Post Link UP

As much as I wish I could take credit for it, I didn't come up with #HomeHer10 (that honor goes to Backpacking Dad) but I want to read all the posts of everyone participating so I am starting this linky. If you are attending #HomeHer10 and posting about it link your posts here (in the linky Read More »»

#HomeHer10 I Have Not Laughed This Hard In A Long Time


Yes that is the official logo for #HomeHer10 (or official for me since I OFFICIALLY made it myself LOL). If you are an attendee feel free to grab it!  I can see the big question marks over your head as you are reading.  I know I know you are thinking what in the world is #HomeHer10 .  It's sheer Read More »»

Weekly Giveaway Link Up 8/5/10

It's time to link up those giveaways from around the web. Every Thursday I host a linky so you can advertise your giveaways and find some to enter. Right now I have a $75 Gift Card Giveaway going on until 8/21 so hurry over and enter that. Please use the following format when entering your Read More »»

Starring Me (and my family): Justin Bieber Style

Okay it's been WAY too long since I did a little song and dance here on A Daily Dose. Now I know I know everyone is rolling their eyes at Justin Bieber, I mean really you either love or can't stand him. I happen to think some of his songs are kinda catchy, or maybe it's the fact my kids are so Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: This is Love


Me and My Honey, I love him more than I could ever express! He completes me! Link up your WW posts below so I can head over and check them out! Read More »»


American Girl Doll Winner

We have had lots of giveaways close in the last week or two here at A Daily Dose.  Rather than have a billion winner posts I wanted to wait and post several at once.  All the winners have been contacted and should they not respond they will be redrawn for.  So please congratulate the following Read More »»

I’m Not Sad To Be Missing BlogHer This Year…There I Said It


Yes you red that correctly! Now before I become the scarlet letter wearing girl who is the permanent outcast from BlogHer for now and evermore let me clarify.  I WILL MISS getting to hang with wonderful people I talk to online everyday and meeting those I talk to but have yet to meet.  Last year Read More »»

Entertainment Talk: The Going Ons With Reality TV

You may (or may not if this is your first time) know I am a BIG reality television fan. Now I know it's not reality really I mean the editing alone makes it unreal but it's still fun to watch. Rock of Love, American Idol, Big Brother, you name it I probably watch it. So here is some reality tv Read More »»

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