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Where Two Or More Agree! Share Your Prayer Requests

It's time for the "Where Two or More Agree" post.   If this is your first time checking out this post, welcome.  Want to know a little more about it, keep reading. Each week I am going to join in with those who want a little extra prayer for themselves, their family, loved ones, friends, anything Read More »»

8 Year Old Gets Botox!!!!!!!!!!!! Moms Do It For Pageants

I am almost speechless. And that is precisely how I feel, the look on my face says it all when I watched this video: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! If a child needs it for nerve/muscle conditions that is one thing but for a child with no medical need for this getting botox is angering! I have always been Read More »»

How Do You Say That Vlog # 5! Toni (Florida) Style

It's the fun time again when Mama Dweeb hosts the "How Do You Say That" dialect vlog hop. These are so fun and I just love getting to hear the accents of others. If you want to join in this weeks record yourself saying the words and answering the questions (below my video) and post it on your Read More »»

Thursday’s Weekly Dose of Giveaways Link Up

It's time to link up those giveaways you have going on or just some you think need to be shared. Each Thursday I try my best to get up the weekly dose of giveaways up and going. It's a great free way to get the word out about your giveaways! As always please use the following format when entering Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Terrific Kid, Proud Mommy Moment

My daughter at home, is the one who is usually in trouble and causing the ruckus LOL. At school though, she is great and behaved (I am so glad about that). I was such a proud mommy when she was one of the kids who was awarded the Terrific Kid award. This picture is of her and I right after the Read More »»

Why My Mother’s Day Was More Special Than Yours!

Because I had these 3 cute faces to spend it with. Okay okay maybe it wasn't any more special than yours in your opinion but I have to say even though my mothers day was very simple it was VERY special to me.  Why was my mother's day so special you ask?  I shall share the reasons: I have the best Read More »»

Weekly Dose of Giveaways! Link Up Those Giveaways

It's time to link up those giveaways! Every Thursday (usually) I post a weekly linky for you to add your giveaways too. It's a great way to spread the word about what you have going on for free and enter some giveaways listed. Right now I have a couple of giveaways going on if you would like to Read More »»

Honor Mom and Give Hope With Nestle Family. $50 Gift Card Giveaway

contest is now closed.  Check winner's page in the next few days to see winners name.   One of the great things about Mother's Day is the gift of giving back to your mom or the mom in your life.  I know it's such a special day for me because I love honoring my mother on her special day and my Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Girls Only???

It's not the best quality picture because I had to have my son capture it going down the road. But it made me giggle (yes I am immature sometimes). Maybe it's a girls only place *snicker*. Okay Okay stopping now. Link up your WW posts in the linky and don't forget to comment, it's the proper Read More »»

momAgenda Mini-Daily Review & Special Offer for my Readers

As a mom of 4, youth leader, dance leader, blogger among other titles, organization is a must.  If I don't keep some sort of organization going on I lose what little of my wits I have about me.   That is something I need to hold on as with each kid it seems the remembering part of my mind has gotten Read More »»

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