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Conference Talk with Kelly.

Today's guest poster is Kelly from Childhood Clothing. She is posting vlog style (because she knows I love it like that LOL) talking all about conferences. Thanks so much for the guest post Kelly. Without further ado...WATCH :)Totally Toni Vlog from Kelly Loubet on Vimeo.*Note from Toni ~ Leave Read More »»

Quotable Sunday 7/5/09

Hey Hey fellow quoters. Happy Sunday from the beautiful Florida beaches. It feels so good to be home and with family. Today my quotes are on vacations! For any newbie just joining us all you have to do is head over to your blog and post one or more of your favorite quotes. Grab the link to your Read More »»

Oreck Halo Winner

Congrats to Casey from Brayla Designs and Aubut Life. You won the Oreck Halo! I will email you a week from tomorrow when I am home from vacation or if you see this you can go ahead and email me your shipping info to [email protected] I will email the sponsor once I receive your info. Read More »»

Guest Post: The Blogrollers Share Some Insight About Toni

Today's guest post is by two of my favorite people out there in cyberspace. Christie and Wifey (she has a real name but everyone calls her that so I shall to). They come to us today as The BlogRollers. For their guest post, Wifey attempts (and as you will see pretty much succeeds, shame on you Read More »»

Open Letter To ScumBag Neighborhood Tresspasser

This is a guest post from Posted by Deb Beaulieu from Spawnocalypse. Dear Scumbag,Congratulations--I've officially lost count of how many mornings I've opened my car door to greet your trademark glovebox dumping all over the floor and passenger seat. This time, Hubs and I actually argued over whose Read More »»

A Daily Dose of Inspiration: Savior Please

We all have a song, a quote, or something when we need to just be inspired that we turn on, or maybe you have a daily something you read or listen too. I have all sorts of songs, some for cleaning, some songs when I turn on I know will make me smile. Then I have a special category on my iPhone Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Wonders of God

This is what I will be waking up to starting Sunday morning. Isn't it glorious, God is amazing! He truly is a God of wonders. Have a very blessed Wednesday! Read More »»

Stop Staring! Dresses That Make It Hard To Look Away!

Stop Staring! If you can!Press Release for Stop Staring!Cocktail dresses are not only classic and beautiful but the retro chic designs are known for having an excellent fit! The dresses are inspired by the 1940s and 1950s, inspired by starlets like Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, and Marlene Read More »»

Tuesday’s Tidbits: Vacations, Conferences and Randomness

So at BlogHer:I'll Be Live and UncensoredI'll Be Tweetingand most importantlyI'll Be Wearing Cute Shoes Then in October find me in Vegas at:Yes, yours truly will be rockin Vegas thanks to Label Daddy for their awesome sponsorship to SITScation. They have a very teensy amount of tickets left so grab Read More »»

Threatened by Jesus and Dissed by Mary Magdalene, Eventful Weekend Here!

I was threatened by Jesus Christ and dissed by Mary Magdalene in the comments on my blog. But really how many can say they had Jesus and Mary (and maybe someday Joseph) comment on their blog. Here are the comments that are still in my comment moderation:*Click on it to see it full screen*The Jesus Read More »»

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