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Wordless Wednesday

A girl can never have enough fruit tarts! And I ate every last bite of the chocolate one...oh yes I did. I may need those Spanx after all ;) Read More »»

Tuesday’s Tidbits: Spanx, Fireworks and BlogHer

Have I mentioned lately how excited I am to head to Chicago! Now it's your turn, be honest, do you own a pair of spanx? And make me feel better, what is your problem area? Read More »»

Bittersweet Moment, So Excited and Yet a Little Sad!

We traveled back to Arkansas from Florida last night, leaving one of our children behind. Our oldest wanted to stay with "My-My" until they come on Tuesday which is fine, so we said our tearful goodbyes and headed our way. He of course was fine right after we left and so was I. We talked to Read More »»

Quotable Sunday 7/12/09

Happy Sunday Fellow Quoters! I am back in Arkansas. I can't wait to get around and read your quotes today. If you are new and want to join in all you have to do is head over to your blog and post a new post with one or more of your favorite quotes, grab the link and head back here to this post Read More »»

Guest Post: HappyMomAmy In The House Spreading The Love

Today's guest post is from Amy at Makes Mom Happy. Find her on twitter @happymomamyBloggy love. It’s what’s for dinner. Well not really, but it sounded good, right?! =P I’m guest-posting for Toni while she’s off on her fabulous Florida vacation. Did you hear me?! I, me, MOI, am Read More »»

Guest Post: Memo to the Language Assassins

Guest Post by Mrs. M from I've Changed my Name to MommyDear Language Assassins,I know this is the internet and not an English classroom, and I'm really not trying to "harsh your buzz" or whatever it is you say these days, but if it wouldn't be too much trouble do you think you could learn to write? Read More »»

In 2 weeks it’s BlogHer Time: Parties and Pokens oh My

I am obviously getting more and more excited aboutBlogHer '09 In Real LifeSo many faces to meet, people to Poken and parties to dress up for. This is the red carpet of blogging conferences or so I hear. Where will you find me at you ask? Patience, Patience I will get to that. But first I must Read More »»

Guest Post: 10 Tips for Extended Family Vaycay

Guest Post by Catherine from What Matters. 10 Tips for the Extended Family Vaycay We are the least forgiving, as it turns out, of our own families. We get together for any amount of time with these grown-ups we knew so intimately as children, and we expect stuff. Raised together, we Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Family


Tuesday’s Tidbits: Bantering Blonde Style

Guest Poster (well vlogger in this case LOL) Today is Fiona from Bantering Blonde*Note from Toni, Fiona should totally wear the wig and do the accent at blogher, who's with me in saying she should. Everyone go visit her at Bantering Blonde and leave her some love. Read More »»

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