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Ohh ohh lookie at this contest

Check out The 8th mommy giveaway amongst the many other giveaway going on over at Babylons Tresuries this is the prize I need to win! I want everything in the sponsors store. So head over and check it out Read More »»

I am getting a blog makeover, well…

as a birthday present I am buying one. And so far it is looking great, I swear I look at the new look 100 times a day. The girls at Blogalicious designs are the ones working on it and I am amazed at their talent. So in the next week or two you will come here and may think you are lost but I can Read More »»

Summer is not Summer without Strawberries

I can not begin to even express how much I LOVE strawberries! I mean just look at them they are a work of artWhat better snack than strawberries dipped in whipped cream right, it's sweet and low in calories (well if you eat it in moderation which I do not). One of my favorite things to do with Read More »»

Well the KC girls trip was a blast!

You would think 13 girls that are part of a mommy forum with 60 other women, meeting up for the very first time ever (well a few had met before) would be a recipe for disaster right. Well you are wrong, I have never had so much fun on a trip than I did the weekend I spent with the girls who share Read More »»

Mid-week Blog Shout Out!

Get your read on people, head over and check out these awesome blogs!Go wish Kainoa a Happy Birthday at Mama's Losin ItRead Heather's To Do List over at Mindless JunqueRead the Letter to brett that had me cracking up over at My 2 Boyz. I love the man but this blogger makes some good points, I Read More »»

Srubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber: A dream come true for the bathroom

I just recently had the opportunity to review the Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber with Mom Central's blog tour.First I will begin by saying I was hesitant as bathroom cleaning and I do not mix so well, I avoid it until I have to! But who could resist the packaging! I mean look at the cute little Read More »»

Happy 4th of July

This is not going to be some deep post but I just wanted to say Happy 4th before the day was over. Today is my mom's birthday (she just had to be born on a day with fireworks so she could have the best party of anyone in the family LOL). I am still in Pensacola Beach, Florida (my home) and my Read More »»

Just a little of the real me…Friday Foto Post

It's time again for Carrie's awesome Foto Friday.This is just to show a little of the real me. Yes it's with no makeup and yes how I look (crazy) is a pretty good assesment of how I act! This picture was taken for The Kiddie clique blog for a scavenger hunt that was going on. Yes I have no shame Read More »»

Missiko : Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again

Fix Your Bad Hair Day Troubles It’s every girl’s nightmare to wake up in the morning when your alarm didn’t go off, you’re running late, and to top it all off, you are having a bad hair day. You have a few options: cry and fall back into bed under the blanket, attempt to fool everyone and Read More »»

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!

Thanks to the brilliant mind of Carrie it's that time again (and I get an excuse to be lazy about using my brain to blog something interesting LOL. My pics for this week are sentimental moments with the family in Florida (I found this fitting since we are leaving tonight to go visit).In this first Read More »»

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