Sequel To Marvel’s The Avengers Date Set #MovieTalk

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Never fear Avengers fans, it looks like the day is coming in a few years that you will get to see the team on the big screen again. According to the release I received from Disney today here’s what’s happening:


The Walt Disney Studios has announced a release date for Marvel Studios’ sequel to the biggest Super Hero blockbuster and third highest grossing film of all time, Marvel’s The Avengers. Joss Whedon returns to write and direct the UNTITLED MARVEL’S AVENGERS SEQUEL set for release May 1, 2015.

Who is ready for this sequel??

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  1. 1
    MomStart (Ashley) :


  2. 2

    I haven’t seen the first one. Oh my!

  3. 3

    YAY!!!!! The first one was SO GOOD!

  4. 4

    Cant wait to take my hubby to see it.. even if it is a few years away! lol!

  5. 5

    I bet it will be great.

  6. 6

    Can’t wait!

  7. 7

    I haven’t even seen the first one yet…got to get on that.

  8. 8
    April Decheine :

    I just heard about this how awesome!!

  9. 9

    yep. safe to say I’ll be there opening night once again

  10. 10

    It will be on my son’s 7th (scary!) birthday! What awesome timing 🙂

  11. 11

    I’m so ready….to see Mr. Robert Downey Jr., I mean The Avengers! 😉

  12. 12

    I’m ready for the sequel…but not 2 1/2 years ready! That’s a long way off.

  13. 13

    SO EXCITED my son is super excited I know he’s going to be waiting this one

  14. 14
    Zipporah Sandler :

    Wow they’re coming out with these quickly.

  15. 15

    So exciting!!

  16. 16

    I hope it is as awesome as the first.

  17. 17

    I am so excited!! ( I never thought I would say that!)

  18. 18

    That sounds very exciting!

  19. 19

    Woohoo I’m stoked! 😀

  20. 20

    I love these movies!

  21. 21

    cant wait to see

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