Spend Less Time At The Doctor With New TB Testing

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TB Stats

Tuberculosis is not something to take lightly. With a new infection happening every 3 seconds and someone dying of TB every 21 seconds, this is something you want to take seriously. About 2,190,000,000 have TB and because it’s an airborne disease it’s so contagious, so you definitely want to stay on top of making sure you don’t have it.

I remember when I was younger, and we had to have required TB testing, it wasn’t the most fun of things to have to do. In fact, if I am honest, I hated that stupid skin test. Not to mention we had to go to the doctor at least twice. Once for the test and another time for the results. I was lucky and never was positive for TB, but back in the olden days of skin testing people were more apt to get a false positive. Of course, that meant taking an unnecessary cocktail of drugs to treat the TB.

New TB Testing

Thankfully there is a new test in town! We no longer have to do the skin tests, but there is a blood test that is much more efficient, gets quicker results (no second doctor visit for results), and is cutting edge. The TB Blood Test is definitely an advance over the skin test, that is now 110-years old. Not to mention the results of a blood test gives completely objective results, so no treating a disease you don’t have.

TB Test

With the TB blood test you get the most accurate test for TB. Even better is you get no cross reaction with a previous TB vaccine, in the past this could cause a false positive and cause sever itching…no fun at all. They only have to take 3ml (that’s less than a teaspoon) of blood no matter the patient’s age and immune system. And it’s all done in one visit to the doctor. That means less time away from family, work, or whatever you fill your time with.

We are definitely going to be using the new TB testing when we have to be tested. Have you ever been tested for TB?

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    I never thought about getting tested for TB, but I think it is a good idea to make sure that I do not have it and I like the new Tb testing. It seems easier!

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