Happy 9th Birthday Sweet Girl!

bella's birthday

Nine years ago tonight, you decided you could not wait to get to the hospital and were born right on our doorstep. Life has been such an adventure with you ever since.  You always amaze me with your will to succeed.  Everything you put your mind to, you are able to make happen. You are strong Read More »»

Disney Paint “All That Glitters” Shines Bright #DisneyPaintMom

Disney All That Glitters Paint

As I mentioned I am part of the #DisneyPaintMom program where I was hired to paint my daughters room using one of the Glidden Disney Paints, which can be found at Walmart.  We decided to stick with the girls current wall color (soft yellow) as it is fit for a princess theme and can grow with her, if Read More »»

Protect Their Little Eyes, Real Kids Shades Review & Giveaway

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 6.34.28 AM

Living on the sunny coast of Florida you can imagine the time we spend at the beach during the warm months. As someone who grew up here I know the importance of wearing shades when the sun is bearing down. I just wish I had known the importance it would make later in life to my skin (ugh fine lines Read More »»

Wordless (or Not) Wednesday: Mermaids Are Real!


You can't say mermaids aren't real anymore can you!  My daughter was thrilled to find a mermaid hanging by the hotel pool on Pensacola Beach, later that day she even got a mermaid makeover.  Fun! Read More »»

Wordless (or Not) Wednesday: First Tooth Lost

Lost tooth

The baby girl finally lost her first tooth.  She is rounding the bend to her 7th birthday (in June) and she has been aching to lose a tooth and finally she did.  She was thrilled and the tooth fairy visited so it was like icing on the cake! Read More »»

Things My Daughter Says….

You never can tell what she is going to say. Today after school she came in and had to sit down to homework. She had a moment of not wanting to do it and then came up with this solution... Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: The Haircut

It was time to cut it for several reasons. It looks so much healthier now. Have a great Wednesday! Read More »»

Wordless (or not) Wednesday: Yummy Mess

Messy Icing

Enough Said!

Getting to know my family: Bella’s episode

For this installment of getting to know my family I would like to introduce you to my daughter, Isabella (Bella). I thought I would tell you her birth story, after all she did make the newspaper over it, yep she was famous from the minute she was born! Before I start though here are just a few Read More »»

Things My Daughter Says Episode 4

My daughter has been cracking me up the last few days and so I figured if I get a laugh so might you. Read More »»

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