Five Things I’ve Learned Managing Family Finances

Universal Studios Orlando

This is a partnered post. That was the trip we went on in September, a big surprise to our kids, but in order to make that happen I had to plan meticulously with our finances. During the planning I learned from mistakes and good financial decisions alike. Today I just want to take a moment to share Read More »»

You’ve Graduated College, Now What?


Life after college is just the next adventure! With your degree in hand, it's time to go forward and enter into the next chapter that awaits. A new job, new responsibilities can be scary but can be so exciting as well. Here are just a few tips I, personally, think are great for hitting the ground Read More »»

Top Dentists Wants To Know Who Makes You Smile


My husband, my kids, my parents, siblings, grandparents, friends the list of who makes me smile could go on for quite some time.  Feeling confident about the smile I am showing doesn't always come as easy as the smiling for me and lots of others out there.  Top Dentists is hoping to help someone Read More »»

Flowers Are A Great Gift Idea, They Always Brighten Up My Day!

Valentine's Day

I am not sure about you, but one of the things that can make me smile and brighten my day are fresh flowers. Fresh flowers just bring a brightness to a room and a smile to my face. With Valentine's Day (and my anniversary) right about the corner, flowers are one of the gifts I love to get. There is Read More »»

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