Wordless Wednesday: The Haircut

It was time to cut it for several reasons. It looks so much healthier now. Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. 1

    She looks happy! Love the hair cut!

    • 2

      She’s a pretty sassy little thing LOL. I am loving it too, she has natural wave/curl and so it get so tangled when it’s long and this is much easier.

  2. 3

    wow, she DOES look so grown up. I wanted my keep my daughter’s hair long because it definitely made her look young, as soon as my husband convinced me to cut it I was sad because she had that grown up look too.

  3. 4

    Love that cut, she has great hair

  4. 5

    You can tell that she really loves it too!

  5. 6

    she loves it!

  6. 7

    What a smile on that one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 8

    She is beautiful. Great haircut!!

  8. 9

    Pretty girl!

  9. 10

    Very cute! Does she have some long layers? I like it.

  10. 12

    Haircut looks great!

  11. 13

    She looks beautiful!

  12. 14

    It looks great on her!

  13. 15

    She looks great!

  14. 16

    She is one pretty little girl!!!!

  15. 17

    That’s a great haircut and she looks really happy about it!

  16. 18

    Cute haircut!

  17. 19

    She is so beautiful!

  18. 21

    She looks so happy with her new hair cut!! Lovely girl!

  19. 23

    Looks like a nice hair style, and easy to take care of too.

  20. 24

    It looks great.

  21. 25

    Very cute look for her! I love it!

  22. 26

    What a cutie!

  23. 27
    Misadventurous Mommy :

    She’s a cutie…love the haircut!

  24. 28

    That cut looks great on her! I seriously need to get my daughter’s hair cut. The last time I tried to layer it myself, though, it was the only time in her life I saw her cry after a cut ๐Ÿ™ Let’s just say that her hair has been getting pretty long lately ๐Ÿ˜›

  25. 29
    April Decheine :

    OMG she is so proud of that haircut, awesome!! She is so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. 30

    It looks super cute and she looks happy!

  27. 31

    She looks great!

  28. 32


  29. 33

    Love the haircut, what a cutie!

  30. 34

    So cute!

  31. 35

    Cute! What a great smile!

  32. 36
    ohkeeka [The Type A Housewife] :

    Aw, she is totally rocking that haircut–I love it!

  33. 37

    She is super cute! Love that haircut!

  34. 38

    What a beauty!

  35. 39

    What a beautiful glowing smile

  36. 40

    She is adorable!! Love the haircut!

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