About Just Stop Screaming

More information in a shorter period of time. Perfect for those who are curious about the world around them, those who are busy and don’t have the time to read, and those who aren’t interested in reading at all.

Readers and writers and developers and designers and strategists are working together to offer the best nonfiction to some of the busiest individuals on Earth.’

It’s nearly impossible for most of us to read everything we want. Our time is wasted on things that bring little pleasure, such as transportation, housework, and staring at our smartphones.. It would be wonderful if we could make use of these modest blocks of unallocated time for learning and self-reflection. It was founded by four friends in 2012, and now Just Stop Screaming links more than 20 million readers around the world to the most important ideas in popular nonfiction through 15-minute audio and text summaries.