Biography & Memoir

David McCullough - The Wright Brothers
Biography & Memoir
David McCullough – The Wright Brothers: Book Review & Summary

The Wright Brothers (2015) is the inspiring story of two men from Dayton, Ohio who turned…

David Chang - Eat a Peach
Biography & Memoir
David Chang – Eat a Peach: Book Review & Summary

Eat a Peach (2020) is a candid memoir that follows American chef David Chang’s rise to…

Dana Perino - And the Good News Is
Biography & Memoir
Dana Perino – And the Good News Is: Book Review & Summary

And the Good News Is… (2015) walks you through the life and times of Dana Perino….

Dan Hampton - The Flight
Biography & Memoir
Dan Hampton – The Flight: Book Review & Summary

The Flight (2017) is a riveting account of Charles Lindbergh’s groundbreaking solo flight across the Atlantic,…

CLR James - The Black Jacobins
Biography & Memoir
CLR James – The Black Jacobins: Book Review & Summary

The Black Jacobins traces the remarkable history of the revolution in the French colony of San…

Christopher Hitchens - The Missionary Position
Biography & Memoir
Christopher Hitchens – The Missionary Position

The Missionary Position (1995) tells the true story of the famous nun known as Mother Teresa….

Chanel Miller - Know My Name
Biography & Memoir
Chanel Miller – Know My Name: Book Review & Summary

In Know My Name (2019), Chanel Miller presents her side of what happened when she was sexually…

Catherine Clinton - Harriet Tubman
Biography & Memoir
Catherine Clinton – Harriet Tubman: Book Review & Summary

Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom (2004) sheds light on the fascinating life of Harriet Tubman,…

Casey Cep - Furious Hours
Biography & Memoir
Casey Cep – Furious Hours: Book Review & Summary

Furious Hours (2019) shines a light on the twin mysteries of a 1970s serial killer and…

Caroline Weber - Queen of Fashion
Biography & Memoir
Caroline Weber – Queen of Fashion: Book Review & Summary

Queen of Fashion (2006) reveals the untold ways in which Marie Antoinette, with her iconoclastic sense…