Anastasia de Waal - The Job Ready Guide
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Anastasia de Waal – The Job-Ready Guide

The Job-Ready Guide (2019) is a helpful roadmap for anyone seeking to get themselves on the…

Alexandra Cavoulacos & Kathryn Minshew - The New Rules of Work
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Alexandra Cavoulacos & Kathryn Minshew – The New Rules of Work

The New Rules of Work (2017) is the definitive handbook for navigating the modern workplace. Authors…

Alastair Campbell - Winners
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Alastair Campbell – Winners: Book Review & Summary

Winners (2015) is your guide to winning in all aspects of life. These blinks explain what…

Elton John - Bedtime Biography Me
Biography & Memoir
Elton John – Bedtime Biography Me: Book Review & Summary

Narrated by Marston YorkMusic by Federico Coderoni Me (2019) is Elton John’s autobiography. It takes a…

Elaine Pagels - Why Religion
Biography & Memoir
Elaine Pagels – Why Religion: Book Review & Summary

Why Religion? (2018) is a personal answer to the question its title poses. Rather than explaining…

Donald L Barlett & James B Steele - Howard Hughes
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Donald L Barlett & James B Steele – Howard Hughes: Book Review & Summary

This biography (1979) tells the remarkable life story of Howard Hughes, the world-renowned pilot, filmmaker,…

Diane Atkinson - Rise Up, Women!
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Diane Atkinson – Rise Up, Women!: Book Review & Summary

Rise Up, Women! (2018) tells the remarkable story of the militant women’s suffrage movement in the…

Demi Moore - Inside Out
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Demi Moore – Inside Out: Book Review & Summary

Inside Out (2019) is a memoir by Hollywood actress Demi Moore. Here, she turns inward and…

David W Blight - Frederick Douglass
Biography & Memoir
David W Blight – Frederick Douglass: Book Review & Summary

Frederick Douglass (2018) chronicles the life story of one of America’s most influential orators and statesmen….

David McCullough - The Wright Brothers
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David McCullough – The Wright Brothers: Book Review & Summary

The Wright Brothers (2015) is the inspiring story of two men from Dayton, Ohio who turned…